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First Cycle After 10 Years Consideration

Hey Chaps

Back when i was 19/20 i joined up numerous forums with the intentions of gaining knowledge and starting my first cycle. Ended up learning a lot… (how times have changed, regarding, doses, AIs, bloodwork!!)

Never ended up starting, thankfully!

so here i am, almost 10 years later. Ready to start.


29 and half :wink:


214lbs - down from 245lbs (17 week diet, ready to finish and go back into surplus.)

Bloods have been done. I have had 2 lots taken as my first test didnt have the full hormone panel.

Test is at the loww end, which explains alot, as ive def suffered from lethargy, lack of sex drive etc etc for the past 12 months or so.

I potentially see myself going down the TRT route in the future, I don’t see any point in the PCT route, so I plan to blast and cruise.

Here is what I’ve planned

14 week blast dose ( should i do 16? anymore benefit)

300mg Test enanthate , split into 150mg Monday and Thursday.

Week 3

// Testosterone and Oestradiol blood test \

I would have blood taken on wednesday (2 days after monday shot).

Depending on estrogen, potentially introduce Aromasin/adex, dose to be determined by result

Week 5: (if Aromasin/adex was introduced)

// Oestradiol blood test \

Adjust AI dose accordingly if required, and keep in until last week of blast

(If no AI was introduced at week 4, then would it be best to skip this blood test all together?

Week 15/17

Either drop to 150mg a week cruise dose, or stop test altogether for 3 weeks to allow levels to drop to a normal range, then start cruise dose at,

week 18

cruise for 8 - 12 weeks

Blood test to determine levels are back within range to then blast…

sorry for the long post, but always been concious of getting this bang on.

Opinions are greatly appreciated!

first two pics are the first set of bloods 20th September

bottom is from 3rd Oct

If I was you, I would consider looking at TrT before any cycles. You appear to be low but within range. Your SHBG is mid range which is eating up some of your Free T.

Not sure if I read it or not, when was lab work done? TIme of day?

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First bloods we’re at 10am and the next at 9am

Someone else has said the same. But for me to speak to my gp and ask about trt. I believe it will take months for them to action anything. More included to give you anti depressants than trt!

You are your own best advocate. You have to make sure you’re describing the symptoms perfectly so that they can differentiate between Low T and depression. They both have been shown to go hand in hand. There are ways to get your Test levels lower also. Lack of sleep and alcohol is a great way, especially the night before a blood draw.

It might take a month or two. Mine required 2 consecutive blood draws showing Low T, an MRI of the pituitary. Really study the symptoms of Low T and show how they are present in your life.
Be assertive that anit-depressants are not your answer.

Given that your vitamin levels are suboptimal, your ft3 is also suboptimal, I would consider addressing your nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle choice before making the leap to trt or a cycle. If you have underlying issues, trt or a cycle isn’t going to help you.

I found this out the hard way, because I have adrenal fatigue and I didn’t know it when I started trt. I never experienced the purported benefits of trt except for some muscle gain.

If you aren’t already, supplement d3/k2, methylfolate, and either a methyl or adeno/hydroxy b12. A MMA (Methylmelonic acid) test would be more useful for determining how well your cells are using b12, if you want to test before supplementing.

Low vitamin d contributes to low testosterone. B12 and folate may affect testosterone levels as well. I don’t know what your diet is like. You may have a methylation issue. I’m basing this on the fact your folate and b12 are low.

Lastly, I don’t think you have a thyroid problem, but your numbers could be better. I think you may have unaddressed nutritional deficiencies, such as iodine and selenium, contributing to a somewhat sluggish thyroid.

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You been hanging around SystemLord and KSman. This blood work is only a snapshot of a glimpse in time of what was currently going on in his body.

Adrenal fatigue is not a medical diagnosis. TrT would be a much better option than hoping straight to a cycle.

You know what irritates me… The rhetoric of getting bloods first thing in the morning. Sure, blood testosterone concentrations will be at peak levels during the morning hours, however if you look at the literature, older people tend to have very little fluctuation in daily concentrations, and in young people the fluctuation between morning/night is like 30% max… If I’m hitting 250ng/dl in the evening, chances are I won’t be above 325ng/dl in the morning (that’s not much better).

I read 270ish in the morning and 250 in mid afternoon (though there was one private blood test I have where I was at like 120ng/dl)… what a huge difference

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I see that you still put your faith in traditional medicine? The medical establishment has to follow a number of rules and policies in their diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and there’s no drug that readily solves adrenal issues.

Cortisol is a measurable hormone though blood, urine, and saliva. A four point salivary cortisol establishes a daily cortisol pattern. Mine happens to trend high than normal range. Someone with cortisol that is too high or too low is not going to see the full benefits of trt.

In my case, I didn’t see any benefits aside from somewhat increased muscle mass, but my workouts didn’t benefit because, among other things, when the body is under stress, it concerts more t4 thy hormone to rt3, which blocks t3 from t3 receptors, which we have in abundance all over body.

I’m willing to bet that many men out there on trt have undiagnosed or untreated thyroid or adrenal issues. But, hey, we’ll never know that without the proper testing and as long as people subscribe to the standard dogma that adrenal fatigue is not a medical diagnosis when, in fact, a faulty cortisol pattern is measurable. You can even order the test kit online.

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My Endo required cortisol testing before even prescribing Trt. Had to fast, then they injected a serum then took measurements every 15 minutes. Something like that. It was 18 months ago. The percentage of population that suffer from this is very small. A TrT protocol could very well help both medical situations.

TrT may help with that lethargic feeling. No energy, no motivation. Got my ass back into the gym and doing cardio. Next thing I know my stress levels are going done. It has a cyclic effect.

Thanks! Shes running 100mg of cat nip EOD and just started nightly fancy feast shakes very pleased with the current progress.

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