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First Cycle Advise


Hey fellas, basically here for any feedback.

It's fairly simple, short 8 week cycle.

Week 1-8 - Test Prop @ 125mg (eod)

Week 1-4 - Turinabol @ 50mg (ed)

Week 1-8 Arimidex @ .25mg

PCT starting 2 days after last dose.

Nolvadex at 40/20/20/10

Any questions about any of the above or if I've missed somethig just ask.

Thank you


nolva at 40/40/20/20


Okay thanks for the advise, but if you don't mind could you explain why? As I'm here to learn as well, plus I like to understand why rather than just doing so


that's the effective dose for PCT. Tried and true mate, has been for years.


Alright, so in your opinion the rest is in the clear? I've spent a fair amount of time researching, I choose a shorter cycle (8w vs 1-12w) because I gathered it doesn't shut you down as hard and it's quicker for everything to balance back out. As far as I'm aware from my homework I won't possibly make as much gains from the short cycle but will be able to keep more of what is made? Is that correct? I have what I consider to be relatively low Test dosages because I'm under the impression as its my first cycle my receptors should be fresh and I won't need to pin a whole load to get noticeable results.

Thanks for your help!


yeah look alright man, you might want to consider adding hCG at 250iu twice a week. Not absolutely necessary, but it does make recovery a little smoother.

My only concern is that when your cycle's over you'll wish you'd ran the test a little higher! Good on you for being conservative with your doses though.

How much of your gains you keep will largely be determined by your genetics (how well you recover and how close you are to your genetic limit) but if you diet and train hard during PCT and the weeks after then you should keep 90% of your gains easily enough.


It was a toss up between the above cycle. or

Week 1-10 Test E @ 500mg per week

Week 1-4 Dianabol @ 50mg ED

Arimidex @ .25mg EOD.

With similar PCT. But some people at my gym advised the above cycle for a 1st timer.

Thank you for your input though Yogi. I'll start the cycle 10th of March. (waiting on work to settle down so I can assure ample time to get my meals in throughout the day)


It was either that cycle or -

Week 1-10 Test E @ 500mg per week

Week 1-4 Dianabol @ 50mg ED

Arimidex @ .25mg EOD

PCT similar to above... But guys from my gym advised me to go with the above cycle since its a first time.

Thanks for the tips though, greatly appreciate any additional adivse


How did you get on with this mate?