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First Cycle Advise on PCT and Doses


Im on the typical newbie cycle 200mg test c every 3days
20mgs/day dbol for 4 weeks
plus 25mg/day proviron for 3 weeks to jump start the cycle, maybe for the entire cycle.
100% whey, and creatine supplements

Wanted to know if a 200/100/100/50 of clomi was enought for a simple pct.

Also was woundering if 25mg of proviron is too small of a dose. should I increase it as time goes on?

Im feeling a soreness in my injection sights, which goes away after 3 days or so, nothing painfull just sore. Im assuming its normal...

The insomnia is the only thing killing me right now...

Your favorite Oral to Add to a cycle?

I am about ready to leave this forum pretty soon.

What is the Proviron for - in your mind?
How does Proviron 'Jump-Start' a cycle?
Did you use Whey before? What about Creatine?

Truth please..



Na dont leve Brook we'd miss ya. At least his avatar looks good.


AGREED, points for the avatar chick...brook i find it much more healthy for me mentally to just let go of the issue man...25 years ago when i started doing this crap there was no info anywhere you just took whatever you could get to be honest...and you know what, it really didn't matter.


You know what is funny - you are totally right MP!


well clearly im new to this, but from what i understand proviron will both reduce the estrogen formation by binding to the aromatase enzyme.
Proviron also binds very well to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) which should allow for more free testosterone in the body.
Now this all makes pretty good sense to me on paper, but whether it works this way in practice is why i'm trying to ask for your advice here guys.
Im actually going to take 25mg/day of proviron for the entire cycle, so scratch the "jump start" quote.
Still dont know what I said to offend you brooks???


I can chime in on why you set up sucks because I don't coompletley understand how proviron works.

BUT maby..

you can read the stickies

Provide us with some info..height/weight/ previous cycles/goals...

Also since you seen pretty new to this..why don't you run the basic newbie cycle.

W1-8 Test at 500mg/week ( your case cyp longer acting ester so I would just do 2 injection per week 250/mg each )
W1-8 Adex .25eod
W10-13 PCT Clomid or Novla

Most people recommend Novla on here at 40/40/20/20. I used clomid 1st day 300mg then 200/150/100/50..worked fine for me.

Depending on the type of Test Ester..you plan your PCT. For cyp its a longer ester..longer half life.. cyp takes like 10-14 days to drop..I used said cycle above and waited 14 days to start. You can find a half life calculator on google.





If you actually spent as much time on this forum as most of the vets, and answering as many questions as they have, then you'd understand their frustration.