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First Cycle, Advices and Opinion

Good day to everybody.Im 25 years old , used to train hard for about 3 years and then had to stop because i had a bike accident so i was nearly 10 months off.
I used to be nearly 82kg with a b/f around 13% which was “ok” and nearly 1.80m height.
Since the bike accident i had to stop training because i just couldnt train , i couldnt eat good for quite long time so i lost quite much weight and im nearly 73kg right now.
My problem is that i really need to “get back” to a decent level on my body.I know that propably this isnt the best way , and i know that i could just try again for 2-3 years , but i got some personal reasons that i need to be back in good and decent shape kinda “faster”.I really respect any opinion , and as i already said i know that running a cycle wouldnt be my “best” option.
But lets go to the cycle itself , and your possible advices :

Week 1-4 40mg Dbol
Week 1-10 500mg Test-E (pharma grade)
Week 1-10 0.5 Arimidex every 2 days / EoD to prevent possible gyno etc

PCT : week 13-15 nolva 40-40-20-20 clomid 50-50-50-50 (or maybe 100 the first 2 weeks ?)

Now a big question : shall i also use HCG within the cycle for example week 4 to week 10 , or shall i use HCG within the week 11 and week 12 till i start my PCT ?Plus how much HCG should i use ?I heard a theory that it is better to use it within cycle but i also heard that it is also good to use it immediately after the cycle within the 2 weeks till your pct will start.
What do you guys think ?

As far as the meals , unfortunately due to my work , i wont be able to eat top quality food since i work quite long hours but i’ll try my best for at least 5 meals per day with much carbs/protein and i’ll try to consume at least 3.5-4k calories plus the protein shakes.

Your thoughts , and thank you.

First off, I think its a bad idea to use gear as a way of getting "back into it". You jumping right back into training, coming off an injury, and on gear, is going to put you at a very high risk for injury. I would also lower the Dbol dose to 30mg a day, 1 in the morning, two before workout, somethin like that. 

Test dose looks fine, I would wait a few weeks to start the ADex, unless you start seeing sides from the Dbol,its going to take a few weeks for your levels to rise. I didnt start using my AI until around week 5-6, but it does depend on the person. It is always good to have it on hand though.

As far as HCG goes I do recommend it. I am very happy that I added it into my cycle, my balls were back to normal size in a week, and it makes recovery a lot easier, as it will make your testes more responsive to your PCT and get your HPTA on track a lot quicker. do the weeks 4-10 with the HCG 500iu a week, 250iu on the days that you pin. Then after your last shot do a 10 day blast 500iu a day, stopping 3-4 days before the start of PCT. If you have access to it I would use it. PCT looks good too.

You get what you put into it, lift heavy and increase your protein intake. These drugs are not a miracle product. I highly recommend that you train for at least a year before jumping on gear though.

I respect that you realize your a idiot and making a stupid decision and I appauld that. Good luck