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First Cycle Advice


Afternoon all,

I'm a 24 year old male with 2 years resistance training behind me. I'm 6ft3 and 200lbs with around 14% bf.

After initially researching jintropin I was advised not to use it due to my age and fact it was my first cycle etc. I went back training for a couple of months with something nagging inside me head - I still wanted to grow and get stronger.

Many people advised that Test E would be a good first cycle along with Dbol. I started looking into both of these powerful drugs. Initially I thought a Dbol only cycle would be a good place to start (Reading the review on the front page of this website). However, after looking a bit deeper it became apparent that in order to achieve maximum results Dbol needs to be taken more as a kick start until the Test E kicks in. Therefore I'm angling towards the following cycle -

Week 1 - Test E 400mgs Dbol 20mg per day
Week 2 - As above
Week 3 - As above
Week 4 - As above
Weeks 5-12 - Test E only at 400mgs

However, after conducting my research I still have a few niggling questions which I would be grateful if someone could clear up for me -

I would be injecting 200mgs Monday / Thursday in the ass!

One concern I have is that I suffered with acne as a teenager and I feel that it is highly likely that it may return on this cycle. I have a good skin care regimen at the moment, would this be enough or is it a case of just dealing with it? I heard it might flair up for a month or so then calm down. Also will regaine stop my hair falling out or will it just reduce the risk / slow it down?

What would be a good antiestrogen to take during this cycle and when and how should I take it? Is it essential or should I just have some on standby incase the symptoms start to appear? Would Nolvadex be a good option?

As I'm sure most of you will agree we all take steroids for the gains, so when I come off the gear I want to keep as much of the muscle as possible, can anyone recommend what I should do / take on the PCT? I'm thinking Nolvadex & HGC 2 weeks after my last shot of Test E. Then I would carry the PCT on for 4-6 weeks?

Sorry for all the questions but this forum holds a wealth of information, it would be wrong not to take advantage



I like your 12 weeks of test E at 400mg/week. The dbol is not needed but will provide a good boost at the beginning. I would use 25-30mg/day.

An AI during is not essential but would be a good safe guard against gyno. .25 mg Adex eod would be fine. Keep nolv on hand incase anything comes up. You will not need HCG during PCT. Just use nolv for 4 weeks.

As far as the acne is concerned, I had it as a teenager and still have issues every once in a while. During cycle my acne is actually almost never an issue. It seems to be to opposite of some peoples reactions but for some reason AAS reduces occurances of ance.

The hair loss thing is best answered by someone else as I don't have any problems with it and have done limited research on the topic.


Look up the threads on test tapering.


I'll address two of your questions. I'm into my 7th week of a very similar cycle (Test-e 250mgs E3D, ran 30-40mgs of Dbol first 4 weeks). I used to have fairly bad acne as a kid so this was a big concern pre-cycle. I'm not saying it won't happen to you, because you never know, but you just won't know until you try. I am almost 32 and I usually still get the occasional zit or two on my face.

Interestingly, like 2thepain, on this cycle I have had NO acne, save a couple of tiny little bumps on my chest for a few days that went right away.

As far as hair loss. If you have the gene for male pattern baldness, I would definitely take something. I don't, and I certainly haven't had a problem with that.

In my opinion, most of the sides of these compounds are overblown and propagated by people who didn't do their cycles intelligently. You will probably be fine.

No promises, though!


Just one thing that I came across here. You put a whole two years in and now its time to jump on some AAS?


Yeah fair comment, maybe two years isn't enough solid training? However, I know guys that have put in just a few months and jumped in with little or no research, just on the advice of the big guy in the gym!
I'm not that concerned about the fact that I have only been training 2 years since I have made good progress in that time and learned quite a bit. However, the gains seem to have slowed up and its getting harder to push heavier weights now. I'm not just going to jump straight into AS, I've been researching the subject because I want to make the best gains possible and keep as much as I can. However, I already know that to achieve this I need to work harder than I ever have done and eat bigger and better than I ever have done.
I know that AS are not magic. One of my friends completely abuses them and he is a mess. He takes them almost continuously and trains about once a week! There is no pattern to his cycles and PCT is non existant. He argues that because he has a physical job (He is a landscape gardener) he doesn't need to train that much! The gains he has made are laughable for the amount of gear he pumps in. I'm desperate not to make the same mistakes.

Anyways, thanks for all you're answers so far! Appreciate it


My advice would be to put your time in. It is sort of like growing up and becoming an adult. When a person is 18, they literally think they know everything and have all things figured out. The older you get, the more you realize you don't know shit. This applies to your situation. You may think you know how to lift properly for gains, but you really don't know shit. And unfortunately, you need time and grade in the gym to achieve this.

Every person is different when it comes to the gym and lifting weights, and it is impossible to have a clue of what you are doing with 2 years under your belt. I am constantly learning and I have 10 HARD earned years in the gym, and i'm not talking going for a couple weeks here and there, skip a month there.....no, every week, month in and out 3-5 days a week. My advice is do not take short cuts, because you will look back 6 years down the road and wish you had trained natural for those years to understand how your body responds to different types of training. This is the only way to truly maximize your goals while on AAS. Good luck.



Nice to know that you at least considered what I wrote and didnt just disregard it like many would.
It would be interesting to know why your gains have stalled. I would look at all of those other aspects first. Between changing the program you use, studying up on nutrition and making sure you are getting the appropriate rest your gains will accelerate drastically again.


hey all..i'm looking to start my first cycle after 14 years of training natural..any suggestions on what i should take


Yea. read. There are first cycle posts everyday on this site. If you are looking to be spoonfed info, this is the wrong site.



thanks craig i've been doing that alot...so much info though..but definately good stuff


You could always try putting the research together and then posting your proposed cycle with your questions attached. If on the one hand, you did your homework, replies tend to be pretty polite. If on the other hand you just glazed over some writings and put together pretty crappy questions, you'll be mercilessly flamed. So, please do the research right, for your sake.


Back to the original question, HCG isn't needed, and if you can test taper, try that. I've never done it, but am looking forward to trying it in my next cycle. Good luck