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First Cycle Advice

I need some advice on a first time cycle for someone. I have started him on a daily dose of Milk Thistle, Hawthorne Berry, Saw Pallmetto, and Liverite Liver Aid, keeping this up for the next 3 weeks before the cycle starts and for a few months after the cycle. Bloodwork will be done before the cycle, during the 5-6th week, and also week 16.

What do you guys think is better 8 weeks at 500mg EW Test Cyp, and 250 MG’s EW Deca or 10 Weeks at 400 T/200 D? First example I have come up with is below. I was also thinking about a taper at the end of the cycle, but I really am not sure if all of that will be necessary at these doses.

Weeks 1-10 400mg test cyp EW (200mg’s injected Monday and Friday)
200mg Deca EW (200mg’s injected Monday)
.25ml’s Letro EOD
Weeks 9-13 (Nolvadex ED) Wk 9 60mgs/Wk 10 40mg’s/Wk 11 30mg’s/Wk 12 20mg’s/Wk 13 10mg’s

Question here is how I should run the letro/nolva PCT, should I stop the Letro or continue it throughout? I honestly think that I might be overkilling this cycle on pct because its not that high of a doseage.

EDIT: Also curious about how the deca will affect him after the cycle. I know it stays in your system for a very long time. Possibly start to taper off the deca sooner?

Okay he wants to change it to :

500mg’s week Sustanon 250 - 10 Weeks
200mg’s week Deca - 10 weeks

I was thinking 250mg’s a week for 8 weeks on the deca and cut it out early, what do you guys think?

i think the test (or Sustanon) by itself would be fine…maybe throw in some Proviron, and then do PCT. that Deca dose is a little low, and you would want to stop it no later than week 8. therefore, with it being a first cycle and low dose of Deca, i wouldn’t use it…just run the test…

just finished the same cycle but i was advise to run it for six weeks only.ill be taking nolva 40mg everyday for three weeks and hcg for three weeks.