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First Cycle Advice


My senoir football season has recently ended and im looking at making a significant position jump from safety to Defensive End in college. Out of season i was a solid 198-205 lbs at about 12-11% bodyfat. This is after making significant gains of 125-155 lbs going into my junoir year and 155-205 my senoir season. I used to bitc about genetics then i found the refridgerator my junoir year so im not just looking for a magic cure. Ive put in my work but i cant expect to make another 50 lb gain on diet and creatine alone.

So im looking for advice on were i should lean my research towards in particular in preperation of putting together a bulking cycle. Drug form doesnt matter and i have a probobly fair sized selection. Im planning on cycling on when ive regained my out of season weight plus 10 or 15 lbs. Any advice appreciated, please no lectures or diet advice outside of steroids (not meaning to sound like an ass even though i do)


Your goal of 50 pounds is astronomically high. In order to gain that kind of weight you would need at least a gram of test a week along with some anadrol or d-bol for a kick start and another 800mg of eq or deca run for a long period of time and maintaining that kind of weight gain would be very difficult. Why don't you shoot for 20 pounds and maybe a linebacker position? Doesn't the NCAA have a testing program?


You don't need 50 lbs. You're going to be a freshman. If you gained 50 lbs in one off season you'd be so fucking slow you'd never get the chance to show how strong you are cuz you won't play. What you need is 20 lbs this year which you can do easily naturally while maintaining your speed and agility. Then 20 lbs the next year and a little less each year there after. They (the coaches) know you'll put on alot of size every year but they know you'll never get much faster.

I trained a guy who was 6-6 and 200lbs leaving high school red shirted his first year then 4 year starter on Rose Bowl champion team. Drafted in the middle rounds and had a 10 year NFL career 9 as a starter. By the time he left college he was 265 lbs. By second pro year he was 300. Never juiced until pro. If he had done it at age 18 I don't believe he could've accomplished what he did.

In 4 years you can be right where you need to be naturally then you can win the heisman and be a first round draft choice of a superbowl contender. You have no idea the PERMANENT damage you may do to your endocrine system (which you will need later) and probably your joints by trying to juice your way to 50 lbs real quick. I know you don't want this lecture but I'm just the first of a dozen who will tell you this here. Perhaps there is some truth to it.


I did my first cycle my freshman year in college during pre-season lifting for football. Young, dumb and lucky, I made good gains. I commend you for coming to T-Nation to pose your question. There is a wealth of knowledge on this website.

I agree with some of the other guys. I think you have a lofty goal if you want to gain 50 lbs of muscle and move from safety to defensive end in a season.

What division is the school that recruited you? Just curious. Football is football and God love ya for playing the game.

I too would consider getting red shirted. You're only going to get stronger and stronger. The NFL is full of guys that were red shirted. As you know, being red shirted is a strategic move to get the most out of young players.

And just being nosey, why do you want to go from safety to defensive end? If I were you I'd shoot for gaining 25-30 pounds, keeping your speed and playing linebacker. Linebackers have all the fun! lol Back in my Al Bundy glory days I played nose, so I know the defensive line. I was too slow for LB and too short (6 ft, 265) for DT and DE.

Whatever you decide I wish you the best of luck. One bro to another just make sure you do your cycles the right way (unlike me in the day). I'm no cycle guru but there are a shitload of them that are on this board. Take their advice and keep us informed on your gains. We'll be your biggest (juiced) cheerleaders! :slight_smile:


Right on for the advice wolfen, but its alot of considerations that ive been running through my head. And i think i left a little confusion.

I didnt mean put on another 50 lbs bfore next season i was just referencing the weight i just put on before football. But to answer your questions its a D2 school and i have a nack for d line thats alot better than my shitty linbacker reads.

My goal is to put on enough weight to cut down at in the fall with a 7-8 percent body fat at about 220-235. Also to combat the obvious effect on my speed i was going to sign up for a speed program. Ive done the prgrm before and swear by it. Its not some cheesy ass track program, it makes you regret wanting to play football. And its got a specialized lifting program for legs. But i dont know as much as i think i do, so considering my two cents whats your advice


So how many lbs do you feel you need to add before camp?