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First Cycle Advice


im 42 and going on my first cycle i want to start easy so i hope this works out any advise on results of this cycle appreciated

week one 50 mg a day of primo,week 2 100mg a day primo week 3 100mg a day primo and 4 40mg caps of andriol,week 4 150mg a day primo 4 caps andriol,week 5 150 mg primo a day and 6 caps of andriol, wek 6 200mg a day primo and 6 caps andriol, week 7 200 mg a day primo 6 caps andriol, week 8 no primo and 6 caps a day andriol i should have made it clear that both these are tabs not injectables >>>> sorry


Pyramiding up is pointless most of the time.


Primobolan doesn't need to be shot ed unless it is the acetate ester. With regards to your dosages, you're doing exactly the opposite of what you should. I would suggest injecting 800mg the first week and 600mg the 2nd week, followed by 400mg for weeks 3-6. Start pct 2 weeks after your last shot.



Please tell me I read your post very wrong when I think you just said you will be doing 240mg ed of andriol by the end your cycle.....
And if I read it right why would you ever run that high of a dose of anything ed, let alone an orla?
Hope I just read you wrong...


Be careful not to confuse andriol with anadrol...Anadrol is much more potent, not to mention andriol doesn't place the same amount of stress on the liver d/t it's chemical structure.



My mistake I did think he ment anadrol. But, isn't androil still an oral?
If I am wrong about that as well than just disregard me on this one and I will go read some more books.
Lift and learn.


andriol is something like testosterone undenconaote suspended in oil.. it basically bypasses the liver, and get sin the blood stream...poorly. i personally know of no-one who reccommends it.

however, for women it's prolly not a bad choice, and for men who are really, really worried about side effects (not growth)...



yeah, Andriol is a oral, but it is absorbed throught the lymphatic system, not the liver.

also, that is gonne be one expensive-ass cycle! primo and andriol are prolly the most expensive steroids out there!!