First Cycle Advice

I am 5’11" about 195 and have been lifting for 7 years or so. I am 22 years old and I think I am at about 10 per cent body fat.

Here’s what my first cycle is going to look like, I think.

10 weeks

750 mg/week SustDry (RSOC)

75 mg/day Tren

Winstrol Tabs every day. Do you guys have suggestions on how much to take per day?

Then Clomid at the end of the cycle. I will take anti-e’s if the arimidex in the SustDry isn’t completely working for me.

Other than that, does this look good? I am looking for a lot of size.

Looks good. If this is your first cycle, you better eat like a champion. I’m not kidding. At your age and your weight, eat clean and HEAVY.

Add in your Winny at week 4 or 5, so essentially, you’ll only be on it for the last 5 or 6 weeks of your 10 week cycle. With Winny tabs, 100mg per day should suffice.

Two other suggestions: First, get some HCG and keep it on hand and be prepared to shoot 250IU in your 3rd week. Second, get some Nolvadex. This is not to replace your Arimidex, but to help with your PCT. Stack it with your Clomid post cycle, it will help with recovery. Good luck.

Mass nailed it pretty much on the head. Take your winny @ 50-100mg per day for your last 5-6 weeks of the cycle.

mass gave you good advice. with what your goals are and your size now i would say fuck the winny. add dbol for the first 6-8 weeks at 30-40mgs/ed and look out. you have just turbo charged yourself. listen to that hcg advice as well.

I would also frontload the test @ 1.5gm.

What do other people think about getting rid of the Winny and adding D-bol?

Tren test and dbol is one very potent combination. I’ve never personally tried it but your gains should be quite impressive. The dbol and test will lead to some water retention but your arimidex should keep that low. Dbol will definetly kick your cycle up a lot but it might be a bit of overkill for a first timer. It will certainly give you the “lot of size” that you’re looking for. Eat like mad though.