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First Cycle Advice?

Hi everyone basically just trying to get as much advice and guidance as possible… Preparing to do my first cycle starting September 2019, I’ve done a lot of research and I am planning on the following:

12-14 weeks on cycle 150-200mg of test enanthate per week
Aromosen once per week as AI (unsure on dosage??)

Get bloods done before and after, leave around 2 weeks after last test jab then begin PCT, probably novaldex but again not entirely sure yet on the dosages and frequency.

Like I say this is the first time I have done this. Just for information purposes I’m 25, 5’8 and around the 80kg mark.

Any advice or guidance would be massively appreciated :+1::+1:

200mgs a week isnt worth shutting down your natural Test. I would shoot for 400-500mgs per week. 200mgs a week TRT put me at 1200’s for Test levels with really low SHBG.

What is your PCT?


That sounds good. The pct I was planning was 2 weeks on novaldex, I don’t know a great deal about what is involved with it, but the guys I’ve spoke to have recommended a pct of novaldex or clomid for 2-4 weeks. No idea if this is correct or totally wrong, just trying to make sure I have a proper game plan before I begin

Research your PCT more. You can search these forums.

Look at protocols. 2 shots a week, 200mgs per shot. – 400mgs a week. Provides possibly more stable blood levels instead of peaks and valleys. Will take 4-5 weeks for saturation and natural T to be shut down.

Pct should be four weeks. You don’t need the Clomid, Nolva will be enough.

What are the goals of your cycle? How much experience lifting? How is your diet going to change during cycle vs now?

Nice one thanks I’ll look into it. Cheers for the advice :+1:

Been training properly for about 3 years now about 2 months ago seemed to hit a plateau with strength so more just curious to see what sort of an impact a cycle can make. In terms of diet, I count my macros daily and hit around 3500 cals per day about 200-250g protein. I expect to be increasing calories to about 4000 when on cycle, does this sound about right?

Yeah, that probably works. You’ll have to adjust here and there as you go, but that’s at least a good starting point.