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First Cycle Advice?

Hi guys I’m 28 and been training for most of my life but seriously for 5 years. 5,11 and 220 pounds 10% body fat. About to start my first cycle which will look like this.

1-12 weeks test e 500 a week
1-6 weeks dbol 40 a week
2-12 weeks hcg 500 ius a week

14-18 weeks tamoxifen 20 a day

Just wondering if this will be sufficient at controlling my estrogen and a sufficient PCT? Can’t get my hands on aromasin but will start tamoxifen early if I start getting gyno symptns etc.

What do you guys think? Not sure about the hcg protocol

My thoughts are that it’s fine. Maybe run the nolva higher during first two weeks pct. You could prob run the Dbol a little less heavy but ok either way.

I’d drop the dbol… two reasons.

  1. You don’t know how your going to react to either drug. If you have sides you won’t know which one is causing them.
  2. Being your first cycle you will get fantastic results on only test. Shit, you’ll get good results on half that amount of test. Save the dbol for a future cycle IMO.

I’d run the nolva 40/40/20/20 and have extra on hand in case of E sides.

I’m not a fan of HCG personally as it always gives me gym stmptoms, but if you go that route 250iu twice a week should be good. HCG can cause significant aromatize activity as well, so now your looking at three possible estrogen sides with three drugs.

I’d suggest 250-500 test e for 12 weeks. Nolva and Adex on hand

Pct - nolva 40/40/20/20

Hope that helps

Run just the test save the dbol, up the nolva for first two weeks. I think you’ll see some nice gains. But if you do take the dbol lower it. I see so many mixed things on hcg I’m curious too about 250 twice a week or blasting it at the end, if you can school me on that Jackolee I would appreciate it.