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First Cycle Advice?

I am planning to order the stuff for my first cycle soon but I just wanted some advice directly from people who have some experience before going ahead.

Age: 23
Height: 178cm
Weight: 78kg
Bodyfat: ~10%

I have been lifting on and off for about 5 years now, and have recently cut down from 87kg down to 78kg and for the first time since starting, am quite lean. I’m planning to gain as much muscle as possible on this cycle while maintaining bodyfat or even potentially losing a % or 2.

The layout for my cycle at the moment is:

Week 1 - 10: 400mg Test Prop / 115mg EOD
Week 1 - 5 or 6: 40mg Anavar ED
Week 1 - 10: 12.5mg Aromasin EOD
Week 11 - 12: 100mg Clomid ED
Week 13 - 14: 50mg Clomid ED

I also want to incorporate HCG into the cycle as I’d rather not have complete shutdown and ball shrinkage if possible, but I’ve heard conflicting information on the best way to go about it. Is there a current general consensus on which way is better out of running it at say 500mg/week throughout the cycle and finishing before PCT or blasting it daily for 10 days or so at the end of the cycle?

Also for a relatively low dosed cycle with only Test P and Anavar, would it be beneficial to include Nolva in the PCT also, or would that be unneccessary? Looking to do this in the safest way possible without causing too much disruption to my bodys endocrine system in the long run.

Cheers for any advice.

  • Guys will come on and tell you not to bother with Anavar (it’s for chicks, blah blah blah), I will say you probably won’t even notice the difference from just the test but if you are going to use it up the dosage to at least 60mg ED. I also think there are better orals to kickstart a cycle with - I personally am a big fan of tbol, and dbol is the old standby for a reason. Prevailing wisdom for first cycles is to use one compound (test) so you see how what it does for you, then add other compounds in on subsequent cycles so you have a baseline to judge from.

  • Why prop? Pinning EOD for 10 weeks will get old (trust me, I’ve done a 13 week primo cycle pinning 100mg ED). For that length of time I would say go with enanthate, that way it’s twice a week pins.

  • If you are going to use HCG, I believe general consensus is to use it throughout rather than blasting the last week or so.

  • Your aromasin dosage is a good starting point, but pay attention to how you feel and be prepared to adjust as needed.

  • There is no reason to use both nolva and clomid in the same PCT. It has been done that way for years (not sure why), but one or the other is more than enough to do the job. There’s a thread on here somewhere (might have gotten stickied?) about that topic, ‘Thoughts on Planning PCT’ started by cycobushmaster. Good info in there.

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