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First Cycle Advice

I have read several time that test should be first cycle for everyone, I asked a friend of mine who has ran cycles before & he also owns a pharmacy, he asked me to go with Boldenone, winistrol & test-cypionate, &Novla+Hcg for PCT, is this a good combination? I am 26, 198lb , around 20%bf.

You clearly have no idea what you are doing. Those are just words. There are stickies here, see the first post and dig down.

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I know, I am reading a lot, I am not just gonna jump to it, that’s why asking you guys what would be better.

20% bf is way too high, try to get down to 12% and 190lb, that’s a pretty good starting point

I am thinking about eating clean during the cycle, only 1600-1800cal with atleast 250GM protein, saved enough money for that.

That would be a East in my opinion, you could do it naturally longer and still have good results.

Ok, since I am not doing it right now, having some wrist issue, it will take some to heal, till then I’ll bring the bf down, also I am wondering whether just test cypniote (500mg per week)is enough or do I really need to add boldenone?

You don’t need your wrist to bring down your bf%. You are fully of excuses already… Nut the fuck up and put in work… You have zero knowledge on what you are doing… This is a PHARMA forum. Not a diet and exercise for dummies forum. You have a lot of things you need to do before you consider getting on gear. Figure all of that out and then get back to us…

And my eval of your cycle… Test isn’t gonna help you since you have vaginitis in your wrist and don’t think you can lower your bf% without your wrist… And you are too fat for EQ.

You are on the wrong forum.

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Lol, just because you were able to put on some muscle, doesn’t make you some sort of expert , if you don’t know how to give proper advice & how to read properly, just keep you piehole shut, I never said wrist is stopping me from cutting my bf, read again, I said since I am having issues with my wrist , I won’t be running cycle right now, because I am not able to lift heavy weights due to Tendinitis & if I won’t be lifting heavy why would I even bother with steroids. Read carefully next time & understand the whole thing first, & ofcourse I don’t know what I am doing, otherwise I won’t be asking here, you are on wrong forum, go rant somewhere else.

My bad, I just read you comments on other threads, seems like you have some sort of mental problems going on, take some rest & resolve them first, ranting here won’t help you, seek advice from psychiatrist, maybe they can help you(maybe).

I’m sorry… did you say something? I was just looking at my bodybuilding trophies… But you are right. I have no clue what I am talking about… But I do know that I have tendinitis and it doesn’t make me turn into a little vagina… And no, I wasn’t ranting at all. I was quite calm as I typed my last statement… You clearly have no clue what you are doing. Like I stated previously, you have a lot you need to figure out before starting gear.

Yes, I misread the part about your wrist and getting your bf down, I admit that. .

Now that we are all clear. It helps if you give us more insight to your training, diet and everything. The more you tell, the more help you will get.

And I assure you, I have no mental issues…

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And also, If you read other topics on here… I assure you that you will see where others back me and I know what I am talking about… This ain’t my first rodeo lol.

Ok, first of all sorry for my unnecessary rude comments( although you took it pretty calmly, I thought you were gonna blast me after reading those), I should have taken some time to reply instead of replying with bad temper. Thanks again for being calm.
Now coming back to cycle, I have been reading alot from last 5-6 months, from what I understand would be best for a beginner is that first cycle should be test only.
I was thinking about running the same(just thinking , collecting info, asking around), this is what I have in mind…
Testosterone Cypionate(500mg per week) for 12 weeks, & after that from 14th week Novla + Clomid for PCT
So I asked my friend about the prices & what would he recommended?That’s when he recommended
Me to go with Boldenone, winistrol & test-cypionate, &Novla+Hcg for PCT, this got me confused. Now before you bash me , let me say again I am asking you guys for your recommendation, I haven’t bought anything yet, I will do that once you guys will guide me.
As for training, I workout 6 days per week, one body part per day, 8-10 exercises & 4-5 sets every exercise.
I got tendinitis 2months ago, so lifting medium weight now & I don’t know why you are saying tendinitis is no big deal because it is really stopping me from lifting heavy even after using wrist bands.
I was lifting 120kg for 10raps benchpress before this , now its halting me at 80-90.Can’t even do simple barbell curl, have to use ez bar, I will be taking rest for atlest a month since lifting light is not letting it heal completely & 2months after that I will run cycle. Nutrition is pretty good, currently I am doing calorie deficit with around 1800cal per day & 200GM protein, bcca + creatine regular.
I am 26, been training for 2 years, 6’2"height, 198lbs(was 217 3months ago).

So I know you probably have horrible form on the bench, your issue is called limp wrist tendonitis. It’s from not properly aligning the bar with your elbow. Think thumb knuckle in line with bar and elbow. Also don’t think I’m picking on you. Because I am not yet.

You need to eat more protein, healthy fats and dark green veggies, and keeping your carbs to the training session perimeter.