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First Cycle Advice?

This topic has, undoubtedly been approached once or twice already, but I shall ask anyway. Forgive me if it’s a tired subject.
I am considering taking a cycle of steroids. I am not a body builder, but quite a keen athlete doing triathlons, marathons and kickboxing. Well, at 36 things aren’t functioning as well as they used to and I was looking to get a bit stronger and faster in spite of my age.
I was thinking of the basic 500 a week of test-e for 10 weeks.
Am I likely to keep the gains made, or will it be something I will have to keep coming back to?

Any advice is appreciated, cheers.

Nope. For your chosen sports I would look at trt levels of test, then maybe if you don’t compete where your drug tested then running something like EQ on top would be a much better option and cheaper.

Much appreciated. Thanks.

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I would suggest a cycle like this for your sports considering mass gains aren’t the priority! EQ will give lean size gains, vascularity increase, extreme hunger, and EXTREME endurance capabilities! Great for sports!

weeks 1-16 Test Enanthate 250mg/week
weeks 1-16 EQ 400-600mg/week
weeks 1-16 nolva 10mg/day

OR this masteron test cycle will add less mass and more strength, and will add a lot of “intensity” in your sport. Mast drastically increases libido and feeling of well being, and gives you a dry hard lean look.

weeks 1-12 Test Enanthate 250mg/week
weeks 1-12 Masteron Enanthate 400-500mg/week
You will not need an AI With this cycle.

I Would normally recommend 400mg test with each cycle, but as you aren’t really looking for size and size could ruin your performance, I Would stick with what I outlined, perhaps even lower the test to 150 ish.

You can keep anywhere from 20% to 80-90% of your gains from a cycle. I have seen both happen.

It really depends on if you keep up your training and diet. IF you go hard on cycle then slack off after, prepare to lose most of your gains. IF you train even HARDER than on cycle for the two months after, then keep training at normal hard intensity after that and keep diet on point, I would expect to keep 70-85% of gains AS LONG AS you are doing a cycle like I outlined and putting in the work.

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Cheers for the advice.

You’re absolutely welcome buddy, if you have any other questions, nows the time :slight_smile: anything at all, I do not mind giving advice, especially if it can help people avoid the same mistakes I have made in my past!

Appreciated. I do have a couple of questions. Assuming I go ahead with your recommendation of test-e 250 + EQ 4-600, are there any side effects I should look out for, that might require changing the doses? Also, is its best to take 250 in one go, or two shots of 125 spread over the week (Mon, Thurs, for example)?

Cheers again for the advice.

Split your shots, but if you so choose to run EQ then go ahead and mix them for the split shots. Side effects, with EQ some people get anxiety, water retention, bp issues, elevated HTC levels. Those are the most common. But I would stick to the test.

Stick with test at 250mg/ week for 10-12 weeks. If you’re just looking to gain an edge in competitive sports not build a lot of muscle then you will very likely achieve your goals using a small amount of AAS. I wouldn’t double up compounds to begin with because you may not need it for your specific goals. Start there to determine how your body responds; everyone is different so results vary person to person.

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