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First Cycle Advice

I am on my first cycle at 20 years old of test prop 1mg daily 5 days a week. I take arimidex and nolva once a week on seperate days. Ill start sustanon soon and this cycle is for 3 months total. Im almost halfway through. I have a lot of water retention and people are noticing. Also I still have kind of a lot of body fat around my waist. I was gonna take nolva and arimidex for pct and start taking mk2866 after my cycle. I do chest/back/abs, then shoulders/arms/abs, then legs/lower back/abs and start over with sunday off. My diet is pretty strict with 45% protein 45% carbs 10% fat. I intake about 2600 calories a day. Heres my questions: What can I do about water retention? What should I know and/or change about my diet? When should i worry about losing body fat? now, after my cycle, or a while after pct? Any input/advice is appreciated.

Is this a joke?



@KSman @ragnar82 well my veteran friend told me to take a cycle before i join the army and gave me the stuff so i said okay and i was really under developed before this so it has made a difference maybe i was given shitty advice? idk

Why would you need a cycle before the army

he said it would help me i dont know hes a veteran and i took his advice. i used to be a runner and had not lifted weights before and he said i needed to increase my strength. Im already half way through so I assume I should just finish but I guess i should have done some research beforehand.