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First Cycle Advice?

23 years old ~193lbs ~14% bf. I know I’m not ready, should wait at least a couple years, etc etc, but–I’ve pretty much already made up my mind.

My first cycle…planning on starting in the next couple days…

12 weeks
350mg Test e/wk (175mg every 3.5 days)
250mg HCG every 3.5 days
10mg Superdrol every other day

TUDCA for liver support
Nolva on hand

Going to be cycling carbs LMLLMLH, taking some clen on my low carb days (120g carbs low, 200g medium, 350g high). Keeping protein at 200 and fat at 60.

Was planning on running PHAT program by Layne Norton more or less. I guess you could say my intentions are a body recomp…more or less I’d like to go beast mode this summer, get the most out of my cycle by leaning out and simultaneously increasing strength and lean mass.

What do you guys think? Any comments/advice much appreciated.


You said you’ve already made up your mind. What’s it matter? People who looking for advice but won’t listen to it are a waste of effort. Good luck with all that.

Made up my mind that I wanna do a cycle. Does that mean I don’t deserve
advice? I’m all ears

I see you have a SERM (Nolva) on hand. I hope, and assume, this is for a successful PCT.

Where is your AI?

Why did you choose a moderately low dose of test? A cruise dose is typically 250mg. Why not bump it up to the suggested 500mg for all beginner cycles?

What’s with this sdrol EOD stuff? Take it daily or don’t take it al all. I’d suggest not at all on a first cycle.

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My buddy who hooked it up (and has a good deal of experience) said pinning
the superdrol eod for the duration of the cycle would be fine (also said I
didn’t need an AI and that 500 was a cookie cutter b.s. starting dose and
350 would work for me). I think I’m gona do the sd everyday day tho for
first 4 weeks

Your buddy is putting your health in jeopardy, and you’re blindly following his advice without due diligence.

Yes, 350mg may yield some results. But, I’d rather be a cookie cutter and blast 500 mg, unless I’m stacking with other compounds.

An AI will prevent high blood pressure caused by aromatization (T->E2). It’s not only for preventing gyno and acne that some don’t have issues with. While high BP may not be a side effect you experience, I did from my personal run at low dose 125 mg for TRT when my E2 spiked. And, I’ll tell you, the chest and extremity pains (arms on deep breaths) were almost enough to quit, until I got E2 under control.

I’d suggest pre-cycle blood work to see where you stand. This will help your decision process during and post cycle.

SD ED for 4 weeks would be best as a kick starter. Edit: I just noticed that’s injectable SD; I have no experience with that.

That’s a shitty cycle… Doesn’t look like a good diet. You are 14% BF and you are trying to recomp. Why do your carbs need to be so high? Your protein is just over a gram per bodyweight. I’d be more concerned with making sure you get enough protein instead of running higher carbs… Yes, I know you are carb cycling, but I think your high is too high and your low is not low enough. Focus on getting your bf% down. I think you need to research a little more on how to use clen. The way you are doing it doesn’t make sense to me. You should learn about the half life of all the gear you are using… 10mg of SDrol EOD… WHY??? That’s a waste… Once again, HALF LIFE. How is 10mg of SDrol with a half life of roughly 8 hours gonna help you if taken EOD??? I think you need to do some serious research because right now I see a waste of money with very little benefits… You can take my advice or leave it… But I might have a little knowledge about these things.

Oh and your buddy is a fucking idiot!!! He’s giving terrible advice and he “hooked it up” with a shitty cycle!!!

I’m Gona do sd every day for 4 weeks. I agree I’m Gona do higher protein
but duno about the carb cycling and clen might just try to gain as much
mass as possible even if my body fat doesn’t drop much