First Cycle Advice?

would this be a good first cycle?

W1-12: Test E 500mg
W1-12 Anavar 20mg

W 12-16 clomid 50/20/20

I’d leave the var out, it will be severely over shadowed and you’ll put too much on it as far as what you think you got out of it. Test only is a great cycle, and best for first for many reasons.
Your pct starts too early or isn’t long enough- you’ll still have high levels of exogenous test present for several weeks and the pct drugs won’t be stimulating recovery until that’s lowered. There’s nothing wrong with starting it early other than cost, but you want many weeks with it working. Most say to start pct at least 2 weeks after your long Ester is done and I’d say the same- you don’t mention an ai, but I’d run one during the cycle and taper off it into your pct. I prefer nolvadex but this board seems to like clomid and I can kinda understand why, but nolvadex does more to stimulant test production.

Never use any oral longer than 6 weeks
Even anavar