First Cycle Advice

hey guys,
i just learnt from u guys oral only sucks.
so please advise me with my first cycle.
im just looking to add some lean muscles.
been training for 4 years.

Happy reading:

  1. do your own homework and come up with your own cycle
  2. post the cycle here together with all your stats
  3. hope someone will help you or confirm you are going the right direction

Whats good fellas i want your feedback on this cycle, ive been lifting for about 4 years now decided to try out a 10 weeks cycle just to try it out and it goes as follows:

EOD Injection

Bold 200/cc: 0.5cc + 0.5cc + 0.25cc + 0.25cc = 300mg/wk (10 weeks)

Deca 100/cc: 0.25cc + 0.25cc + 0.25cc + 0.25cc = 100mg/wk (10 weeks)

Test prop 100/cc: 0.75cc + 0.75cc + 0.75cc. +. 0.75cc = 300mg/wk (10 weeks)

Dbol: 40mg ED = 280mg/wk (4 weeks only)

Pct: clomid + nolva:
day 1 = 150mg + 60mg
Following 10days = 100mg + 40mg
Following 10days = 50mg + 20mg

Lmk what you think thanks a bunch