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First Cycle Advice


G-day everyone, just wanted to throw out some questions about a first cycle? Have been training consistently for the last 4 years after recovery from shoulder surgery, have competed naturally and spent 12 months sub 7% BF and on a very restricted diet, this played havoc on my natural Test production, had a lot of estrogenic related issues, mood-sore joints-depression-water, all my doctor would do was advise me to increase my dietary fat intake to assist with hormone production, I was like doc I'm putting away 150g of good fats a day what more can I do?

Any how I digress, so after struggling with low natural T for 6 months plus having no sex drive rtc, my bloods finally came back to 0.03 above base line "normal" which I turn meant that my doc wouldn't prescribe trt or assist with any meds to help me. Having been in the gym for years and years and watching friends grow dramatically off of 1 cycle I've decided to give it a whirl myself.

I have been researching for months and months and so far this is what I am looking at running. 12 week test cycle with D-Bol kicker and HCG on cycle followed by PCT of Nolvadex and Clomid.
Weeks 1-12
Test E @500 mg per week (2 * 250mg pins, Wednesday and Sunday)
Week 1-6
D-Bol 50mg per day split 25mg morning, 25mg afternoon
Week 1-4 and week 8-13
HCG 250mg twice a week
Week 1-13
Arimidex 0.5mg EOD with extra on hand to increase dosage to 0.5mg ED if sides occur
Week 14
Arimidex 0.25mg EOD and discontinue HCG
Week 15 Begin PCT Dis continue Arimidex
Week 15-16
Clomid 150mg per day
Nolvadex 40mg per day
Week 17-18
Clomid 100mg per day
Nolvadex 20mg per day
Week 19-20
Clomid 50mg per day

Also going to grab some Letrozole to have on hand I case of any signs of gyno and have extra Nolvadex at the ready just in case I need to throw it in on cycle of the nipples start tingling.

This seems to cover all bases while on cycle and coming off cycle, I want to throw HCG in as I already had low T and it was absolute hell, don't want to harm my HPTA any more if possible and want to transition back to a relatively normal life once off cycle. Will be dieting well as I eat clean and have a decent macro break down 240P 200-250C and 150F per day, don't eat rubbish and if I'm hungry on cycle I'll throw in an extra meal a day.

All this is my research and listening to a couple of mates who have been on cycle and crashed hard post cycle. Any advice and input would be awesome! Thanks


looks fine

if you have low test naturally, it probably won’t get better after doing a cycle… id suggest self-administering trt after your cycle.


I didn’t read everything as the layout blew my mind but from what i have seen

  • Clomid dosage is insane and does not need to be that high. I would probably remove clomid completely and run the nolva for 6 weeks instead @ 20mg per day.

  • You will want to increase the carbs a fair amount, probably increase protein and lower the fats, assuming you are a normal sized human looking to gain mass. I didn’t see your weight in the post?

  • You won’t need the letro if you are using the arimidex on cycle and have some nolva on hand for gyno.

  • I would just run the Dbol at the start for 4-6 weeks. You will carry water weight when on it so ignore the increase in scale weight and use the mirror to monitor progress. I wouldn’t want to be coming off it just before PCT as you will drop more weight and strength than when just discontinuing test which could have quite a negative effect mentally. Also it aromaitses heavily.


Seriously consider what Walkway is saying. If you have low T now it isn’t going to get better after cycling. What do you do then? Your real solution is TRT not cycling. Unless you are lying to yourself about what you really want.

I am blasting and cruising as of recently and it is great, I won’t lie. I would normally say someone would be better off cycling a few times before deciding to go on, but given your situation I would do it the other way. Go on a TRT dose or cruise dose and see how you feel then start blasting. You are gonna be dissappointed with your recovery I think otherwise. Just my relatively inexperienced view.