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First Cycle Advice

I am a 22 year old who has been lifting for 5 years, with clean eating for 2.5 years. I am 6’0 and currently weigh 187lbs at 13% bf. I am considering running my first cycle. I have done a lot of research on it.


I am looking to put on around 10lbs of mass and drop around 8lbs of fat, to become 7-8% body fat and stay roughly the same muscle mass. I have around 5 months to do this. I plan on training 6 days a week and am very focused on strength, not size, as I like to compete in powerlifting competitions. I know how to eat clean and am going to plan and measure all my meals, according to a given calorie recommendation.

Since I am focusing on getting leaner/harder, more vascular, and strength, with some size, I thought Anavar would be a good choice. I am NOT choosing it because it is an Oral. I have read that it is mild and its effects seem good for my goals.


Weeks 1-8: Anavar 50mg/day

Supplements: Creatine, Fish Oil, Liv.52, Nolvadex???


Weeks 9-13: Nolvadex 40/40/20/20mg/day


  • Would Anavar be good for me, given my goals? If so, how would you structure the cycle? As a cut, where I start with test (weeks 1-10) and then use var (weeks 4-12)? Or is Anavar alone for a lean bulk, followed by a natural cut, good enough for my goals? I would not like to get too big as I believe it could pose a risk at my job. Thus, I am not sure what I think about test. Thoughts?

  • What should I use to mitigate side effects? Should I take tamoxifen on cycle? Other than liv.52, what else, if anything, should I be taking for cholesterol and liver support (I read this from Llewellyn’s Anabolic)?

  • How should I structure my diet to make sure I reach my goals?

Thank you very much for your help.

Anavar should be run at 80-120 mg a day for good results, and frankly, I think your cycle is lacking for what you want to achieve. Put the test in, at a regular dose of 500 mg a week. If you want to lower you’re dose go 400mg a week. You will do well with this and with your goals.