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First Cycle Advice


Hey guys,

I need some advice on what should I do.

Am 25 years old and have been training consistently for the last 5 years.
My nutrition is pretty decent with all the macro's in check.
My beef is that I've always has naturally low testosterone levels.
I regularly do blood tests every six months and its been consistently low.
I've even tried tribulus.ZMA.Animal Test etc with absolutely no effects.

So now am turning towards AAS to hasten my progress.
As this will be my first time I did a lot of research and reading.
I found a local supplier with the appropriate brands so that side is pretty safe.

I am currently leaning on either Test E/Test C/Sustanon 250 and Anavar for a period of 12 weeks.

With Arimidex during the cycle along with Clomid and Nolva as PCT.

I know that test and deca are normally used as first cycle but being 88kgs at 171cm with 17% I don't wanna gain that much water weight.

Which Test would you guys recommend and why?

Any opinions or criticism provided is most welcome.



My advice: Read through the stickeys in the T Replacement forum, open up a case thread, and begin to heal yourself without delving into AAS. If you have had low T for a long time as you indicated, you will make very solid gains by just getting that straightened out. Save the AAS for later when you have exhausted those gains.

Why have you not gotten help for your issue already, since it has been ongoing for a while?


Thank you for your answer,I will go through T replacement section asap.

I come from a country where treatment for this is non existent legally,my doctor's advice was to live with it.

Here its easier to get steroids than contact lenses for example.


Went to inquire again at another doctor today.

Still nope,the closest thing is Sustanon 250 he told me.