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First Cycle Advice?


Hi all,

this site is fantastic.

I'm looking for some advices.

I'm 25 been training for 4 yrs with supplements but never gear. Recently after doing my research I've realised how much bullshit is being sold in supplements and, consequently how much money I've wasted on herbal nothings. So now, it's time to get serious.

i'm 5'11 and 90 kg, not sure of exact bodyfat % atm but i'm not ripped, not fat.

My goal would be to get to 95kg and be quite ripped but not interested in competition bf levels or anything - its more about the challenge and the success.

I'm thinking of running 500mcg of sustanon for 10 weeks followed by nolvadex for 4 weeks for PCT. From what i've read, the sus would be 1ml injections twice a week of sus250. does that sound right?

I'm not sure how much nolva to take.

Anyone care to offer their advice?


Run test prop instead 8 weeks 500mg a week

3 days after last injection nolvadex 40/40/20/20



I would recommend ED injections. No less than EOD, but ED will, ime, go a long way toward alleviating/eliminating any adverse sides.

Keep things simple like this and you will have a great cycle.

If you are only willing to inject twice a week then use test enanthate and frontload it (1 to 1.5 week's worth of test in the first day or two). Extend the cycle another week, possibly two (9 to 10 weeks total). Start your nolva two weeks after your last injection and run as stated above.

Sustanon is not ideal because you have long esters and short esters to deal with together. Not bad if you don't mind injecting every day, but if you don't, then prop is superior anyway because you don't have to worry about waiting for the AAS to "kick in" because of those pesky longer esters.

Personally, I like sticking myself with a needle every day, but I know I'm not exactly in the majority with that particular quirk.


yeah ok i've heard test enanthate from others too so i'll go with that.

excuse my ignorance but what is ED injections?


Hahah! Every Day.

EOD - Every Other Day
E3D - Every 3rd Day

and so on.


also use adex .25-.5mg eod


If you use enanthate then 250mg E3d is good.

You need to read more before you start though.