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First Cycle Advice


I'm 33 5'10 193lbs about 14-15% bf and I have been lifting on and off for 17 years. I have stepped up my game for the last 3 years and I have seem to hit a wall. I am planning my first cycle soon and I plan to run 100mg of test prop eod for most likely 12 weeks. I have had thinning hair for the last 8 years but it's been pretty much under control with my finasteride use. I was wondering if I should run arimadex or another AI during a test prop only cycle, because I am a little bit concerned about more hair loss. I am currently ok with the amount of hair line I have and I don't want it to recede more. I was also wondering with such a simple cycle if I should need HCG or anything else more than just Nolvadex for PCT. My goal is to get to around 220lbs(in 2 or 3 cycles)with a little bit lower bf%. Some veteran input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


An AI will have no impact on hairloss.

HCG use should be determined by the length of time you are shut down. 12 weeks a while. Id recommend it. But Id also recommend a shorter cycle, with a higher dose. Almost guarenteed that a 8 week cycle of 600-700mg/wk will yield better results with a negligible increase in side effects (since you have the AI) compared to 350mg/wk for 12 weeks. Ultimately, that is your choice, of course. Its a difference between good vs better, IMO.

Especially if you plan to do multiple cycles, short cycles are more productive. That is if you plan to stay off for around the same amount of time as youre on.

Nolvadex is fine for PCT.


Thanks for the input BONEZ. I will definitely take the shorter cycle route into consideration. Would HCG be unnecessary with an 8 week cycle?


I think so, but it couldnt hurt.

Actually it will always help if you are shutdown and want to maintain testicular size, which should help with recovery. But I find that 8 week cycles are a breeze to recover from. However, I am younger than you. There are a bunch of variable.s


Thanks again BONEZ. I appreciate your input.