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First Cycle Advice

hello all,

I being the newbie to the forum was advised to move this over to the roids forum. So here it is…

goals for cycle: add 15lbs, tighten and lean.
current stats: 6’6, 238lbs, ?%bf. (up lean 4lbs from 2 wks ago).

only advice, no flames please, I know the goods and bads of oral only cycles, and haven’t ventured to pins yet.

currently I’m nearly finished my 2nd wk var at 40mg ed. I’ve already gained ~4 lbs lean wieght, but this is also due to diet I’m sure. The var has tightened me up a bit, but also provides heart burn daily and back pain. Haven’t lost much belly fat yet, which I have a very small amt of, and no vascularity yet, even in forearms. Though heard wk 3 that should kick in, but not counting on it.

My question: I’ve got some dbol coming to help with a bit more muscle and strength. As I’ve heard the class II is good to stack with var (class I).

How much dbol should I take to help with the var and avoid continue to avoid sides? Should I down the var dosage while taking the dbol for a few weeks?
The dbol is 25mg caps (so will split the cap twice ed).

My current plan is this, please comment

var 40mg ed - wk 1-4
dbol 25mg (or less) split ed - wk 3-5
var 50mg ed - wk 5-7
nolva 40mg ed - wk 6-7
nolva 20mg ed - wk 8-9

Milk thistle 1000mg milkthistle ed wk 3-9

At these low dosages, I’m not expecting any liver issues, nor much bloat from the dbol (hopefully).

Think the dbol only for a few weeks in the middle will help to put on some muscle without a ton of water? And the var to tighten up what the dbol does provide?

Comments, concerns?

Thanks -


I suggest you post your diet breakdown and see if the vets can help you out there. I suspect before you need AAS, you need to eat more.