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First Cycle Advice to Build "Armor" for Judo?

Hi, Im 30 and play judo. I’m currently injured and won’t be training judo properly for 3 month and would like to build more strength and muscle mass to support joints. I have a few years lifting experience but am not near my natural limit (squat around 1.5x body weight), but enough that my gym gains have slowed down. I’m planning on using testosterone for a cycle as it’s very hard to put in gains whilst training sport without overtraining. I want to put on about 3-5kg of lean muscle ad increase strength substantially in as short a space of time in order to build a strong body that will withstand training with less injuries. Questions are…

1 will 300mg test (plus’s pct)be a good first cycle to maximise strength and keep muscle after?

2-am I correct in thinking running through strength hypertrophy hybrid cycles whilst on testosterone (ie Waterbury sob) will be a good idea to maximise the growth effect of the t. Then when I come off the t switching to a lower rep strength cycle will signal my body to keep the strength and most of the mass?

3-Will a month after The T cycle, having done a solid strength cycle, be long enough to then reduce the weightlifting to a maintainance amount (once a week) in order to keep my strength and size but spend more energy focusing on sport?


If you can’t play judo how are you gonna train properly on cycle?

Test won’t help you with regard to injury prevention. In fact it could be counter productive as too much test reduces collagen synthesis which leads to more joint issues. Also, your muscle strength increase but the connective tissues do not leading to more possible joint injuries. For your purpose I think its the wrong avenue.

It’s a twisting motion of my cartalidge which is effected, I can squat fine, but in judo if my leg is twisted it could be a problem, hard to explain verbally but I will be fine powerlifting

Thanks for the info, mayby winstrol would be best as it increases collagen synthesis? I will also do plenty of work to make sure my ligaments and tendons strengthen

Literally the opposite of what you should take. Winstrol is notoriously bad for joints. You seem to be in way over your head here.

so what do you think would be a good idea if Test is bad for collagen and winstrol is good for collagen but bad for joints? yeh I am over my head but have plenty of time to research, I’m just asking you guys for pointers in the right direction.

I’ve heard chicken breast is pretty good at building muscle. Taken orally 3-4 times a day. I try and dose around 350grams 3 times. Works good and negative sides aren’t that bad.