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First Cycle. Advice/Thoughts?

Hey guys I’m going to start my first cycle next week wanted to see what everyone thought… I’m 5’10 185 going to run:
Test E: 500mg 10 wk
Deca: 500mg 8 wk
Then clomid on 12-13 week at 100mg
14-15 50/50
Just wanted to see why yalls thoughts were

Ok, what are your goals? How old are you? How much fat is on you? What is your gym/work out background?

First the first cycle should ALWAYS ONLY be testosterone. Your body is use to it as it produces it’s own, you will just be increasing that level significantly. If your worried about not getting much out of a test only cycle, don’t you will get more than you hope for. Even if you set a goal of 20 lbs and you only get 18 all the other lovely little things that come along with a cycle will leave you very happy and wanting to do a proper PCT in order to get your recovery done so you can plan your next cycle. Seriously stick with just test that way you can see what your body does with five times the natural level of hormones in it. Just about everyone has some level of increased aggression but you need to see what yours is on just test before you add in more. Most people just feel like extra time in the gym with the extra aggression and that’s perfectly fine and that is actually what you should do.

With test e I would push it to 12 weeks plus if your wallet can carry the cost. It really doesn’t do what it is supposed to until week five or so, it kicks at week 2-3 but just doesn’t sing until 5-6.

I noticed you did not include an AI. You need to know what that is and why you need it before you make this step, SERIOUSLY! AI stands for aromatase inhibitor and there are three main ones. You should know all three, what their weaknesses and strengths are BEFORE you decide on one. I hope this goes without saying, you HAVE to have one before you start!

I have resolved myself to the fact that people will do what people will do. I can only share my experience, thoughts, and knowledge from experience. For some reason I have this feeling someone talked you into this plan. I don’t know why I just have that feeling. Please just use testosterone on a first cycle. Also please do your own research on anything and everything you plan on using. Know the risks along with the hopeful reward because chances are if you go into this blind you will be dealing with the consequences possibly for the rest of your life. Also the guy selling it usually is the worst one to ask for advice, so I do commend you for coming to this site and asking for input.

That looks like a good third cycle.

I’m 21 body fat 12% Been steady working out for about 4 years… I appreciate you commenting back I’ve just been a little curious and wanted to get some feedback on experienced users about what they thought… and yes I’ve been researching and good thing you brought up the AIs most forums come to tell that only use when needed. Also you would only recommend running test and keep out the Deca?

Save the deca for another time. Run the test, eat like a monster, and train hard. You’ll be blown away by the results.

Disclaimer: You’re too young to be starting a cycle, but you’ll do it anyway, so please do it right and don’t hurt yourself

Like I originally said you need to see what your body and genetics do with just X amount of testosterone. Literally you might go crazy off of just testosterone, no need adding in Deca which is known to stimulate the part of the brain responsible for aggression.

When you do inject massive amounts of test your body tries to lower it by breaking it down into estrogen. You need to find out how to keep your bodies method of aromatizing in check before you add in another hormone.

The reason Deca is really a bad choice to add in on your first run is it is a progesterone. It causes it’s own kind of gyno. If you are getting gyno on a Deca test run and you assume it is estrogen gyno then crash your estrogen with an AI that can actually make progesterone gyno worse. You can actually make yourself start lactating if I understand correctly, imagine growing boobs that leak milk. So start with just test and learn how to keep just estrogen under control first before adding in something else ESPECIALLY Deca.

Plus Deca is it’s own monster when it comes to possible side effects and not to mention recovery. You need to know how you recover from just testosterone before dealing with a Deca PCT. Plus Deca is like genetic Russian roulette, you don’t know if you are that group that shuts down and has a limp dick for a DECADE from one run of deca until you find out the hard way. (Get it “hard way” when talking about a limp dick for a FUCKING DECADE!)

Deca is just nandrolone deconate. Nandrolone actually occurs in the body naturally but at minute like micro-milligram levels for the week. So lots of people find it easy on the system but a small percentage have horrible sides and long term shutdown from it. There is this term “Deca dick” it means a limp non working flaccid useless flap of penis shaped skin. Deca is the only steroid used in a slang name for a permanent problem all guys would hate to have. I have run numerous cycles with numerous compounds. I LOVE decas cousin the other common 19-nor, trenbolone. They say there are steroids then there is tren. Tren is like steroid on steroids, I love tren! I won’t even THINK about Deca. That should put it in perspective about why you shouldn’t use it your first cycle.

If you are just stubborn and absolutely have to have a second compound on your first run despite every veteran saying it is a bad idea, then I would say a DHT based compound. That way you are not adding in another aromatizing compound that will complicate keeping estrogen under control.

Back to original topic, you need an AI. Your body fat level should not be a problem. The higher the fat level the more your body will naturally aromatize testosterone, so you should be good. Again no matter what you need an AI. Dosing depends on which one you have in hand before you start.
Your background is whatever, not bad not great. I personally didn’t touch AAS’s until I KNEW I was past peak natural production. If you know what the risks are for stopping your bodies natural development WELL before peak production then I guess you are going to risk it. If you don’t know what peak production is or when it occurs and why it’s not good to interrupt it then you should read up. I will say that if you really are 21 then it’s good that you are not an 18 year old looking at this cycle.

If you are looking at this cycle because you have hit a wall with progress then please revisit your diet, training, and sleep because the problem might be there.

For your PCT, clomid is good and for a test only run you should be ok. Just be aware some guys react like pregnant women on it, I know I do. You might want to just see if the need arises how hard it would be to get Nolvadex.

Ok I said the stuff I felt morally obligated to say.

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Seriously, EVERYTHING he said. Listen to this man. He’s giving you a master class in AAS.

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