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First Cycle Advice (T+HCG)

Hello All,

I am new on this forum and would like to introduce myself.

I have been working out for few years, i am 1.77 / 82 KG / 10%BF and usually on a 3000K diet.

I would like to get your opinion about the first cycle i am preparing based on the info i found on the T nation forum.

1/ 350mg test cypionate a week / 10 weeks
2/ Arimidex or Aromasin during the whole cycle, but cant find a consensus on which dosage i should follow, could you please give me some advice ?

3/ HCG : 500iu a week, twice 250iu every week, from week 3 to last week of test injection (week 10)


Tamox week 1 : 40
week 2 : 40
week 3 : 20
week 4: 20

Clomid 100/50/50/50

Could you please advice me what you think of the cycle and give me advice regarding to HCG / Arimidex / Aromasin dosage.

Thanks very much for your input guys.


HCG through the whole cycle
Arimidex .5 EOD
Start PCT 2 weeks after last pin.
Nolva and Clomid is overkill you can get away with just Nolva 40/40/20/20
Bump Test to 500. 250 Monday morning and 250 Thursday evening

You should love this for your first cycle. You may want to bump calories a little too. Eat for the size you want to be, not the size you are.


Many thanks for your reply !

May i know the reason of starting the pct 2 weeks after the cycle ?

Concerning the HCG which quantity do you recommend me?

thx !

Test C is a long ester testosterone with a half life of roughly 12 days. That means after 2 weeks the Test level is just going to begin going back down. It is at this point that you would start your PCT.

HCG usage is on a per person basis. I don’t even use it. The 250iu 2xW should be a good starting point. Some will recommend 3xW. Keep an eye on your testicles and if they are showing signs of shrinkage go to 3xW.