First Cycle Advice/Opinions?

Hi all,

Im looking for some advice or opinions on whether I should go ahead with a first cycle. But first let me provide a bit of background.

I’m in my 40s and lead a fairly active lifestyle. I’m not a serious lifter in the gym, in fact I train with weights 2x per week using a push/pull/legs routine.
I do a lot of jiujitsu on the other hand and train 4x per week two hours in each session.

I’m 182cm and 90kg at around 20% body fat.

My test levels are just above what is considered the low end of normal by docs in my country so I don’t qualify for TRT despite showing all the main symptoms; low libido, lack of energy, low appetite for life, brain fog, low mood, etc.

I’m thinking of going on a test e cycle to give my life a boost and inject some energy and drive into my life which has been missing for some time.

My plan is to compete a cycle of
Week 1-12 500mg test e
Week 2 onwards 0.25 arimidex eod
Week 14-16 pct daily of nolvadex 40mg and clomid 100mg
Week 16-18 pct daily of nolvadex 20mg and clomid 50mg

My questions are: is this a ridiculous idea? Or is it an ok idea but my cycle plan is too much/little? Or would you suggest something different?

Appreciate any advice, I’ve spent a long time deliberating over the direction I want to head (improve quality of life, energy levels, physical capabilities, recovery after heavy jiujitsu sessions) and with my natural levels very low I was wondering if anyone was in a similar position

There is no reason to do more harm to your HPTA by running a cycle. I would advise against this based on your provided info. If you do go for it, drop the arimadex down and remove the clomid. You only need one serm for pct.

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Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.
My main concerns are that my levels are pretty low but not low enough to be considered “lower than normal”, despite showing the majority of symptoms on a long term basis.
I thought I’d try supplementing with test e via a 12 week cycle to see if it improves and if so then I’d most likely look towards privately funded trt dose supplementation

Start TRT instead. You will be amazed how good you can feel with healthy, high-normal ranges. It’ll also help you drop that bf down enough that you’ll be comfortable doing a blast in sex or eight months.

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Somebody has naughty thoughts on the brain… lol

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Evergreen statement right there.

The only issue with this is that it will cost 10 times more than if I did it myself, which was the main reason for considering this avenue, as my doctor has suggested that my levels are all normal. However they are all on the low end of normal and I’ve been displaying these issues and symptoms for a number of years and don’t agree that it’s just me “getting older”

Running your own trt adds up eventually, but it’s fairly affordable vs feeling like shit all the time. If you buy overseas pharma testosterone it will cost you a whopping $2.80/w. Have blood work done twice a year at $150 a pop. Round trip per year you’re at less than $500/yr. If you don’t think your personal wellness is worth $500/yr then I don’t know what to say.

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I understand what you mean and I also agree with you.
My “10 times” cost was reference to going to a private clinic in the UK which is substantially more expensive than sourcing myself.
I’ll speak to my doc one last time before taking it into my own hands.
Should I reduce the dose to 250mg per week to be on the “safer” side?

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Why don’t you do blood work after pct? You’re bound to have lower numbers by then and it may actually help your doc get you on a legitimate prescription.

And nothing wrong with the dose you’re planning. That’s the classic first cycle dose and it works for every single guy who’s ever taken the plunge.

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According to Dorian Yates, in a video I just watched, it is legal to possess steroids in the UK, just not to sell them as a private individual. So, you could just order what you want and use freely without a clinic.

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Was just going to suggest similar. Couldn’t he prolong PCT just a bit, run blood work at week 3 or 4 after last pin, and have pretty damn low numbers?

Definitely would suggest TRT man. If you feel great in a 12 week cycle, how does that really benefit you? You’ll feel great for 12 weeks, then feel worse than you do right now for another 8 weeks after your cycle. Then hope to bounce back to normal levels and still feel shitty like you do now.

Thanks for the advice. My thinking was to try this cycle and if it is a success then I would have a rest and then go onto trt dosage possibly via nhs if my levels are low.
If not then I can supplement myself