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First Cycle. Advice Needed


Hi all

Newbie to the boards and have some general questions about juice and other.

Here are my stats - questions at the end.

Age: 30

Height: 6' 3" (190.5 cm)

Weight: 97kg (213 pounds)

Body fat: 15-18%

Lifting experience: >5 years


Daily caloric intake ~3,200

Typical macronutrient profile.

F- 76

C- 287

P - 364

Current training regime:

This regime is a very slightly modified version of Lyle Macdonaldâ??s generic bulking regime.

Mon/Thu: *Squat: 3-4X6-8/3' (3-4 sets of 6-8 with a 3' rest)

*Deadlift: 2-3X8-10/3'

Leg press: 2-3X10-12/2'

Leg curl: 2-3X10-12/2'

Hamstring curl: 2-3X10-12/2'

Calf raise: 3-4X6-8/3'

Core work

*I alternate starting with either heavy squats or deads. Then a lighter set of either for my second exercise.


*Incline bench: 3-4X6-8/3â??

*Chins: 2-3X10-12/2'

Rows: 3-4X6-8/3'

Flat bench: 2-3X10-12/2'

Shoulder Press: 3-4X6-8/3â??

Triceps: 1-2X12-15/1.5'

Biceps: 1-2X12-15/1.5'

*I alternate starting with either inc. bench or chins. I am trying to improve my chins as they suck.

Goals: short-medium term= put on ~10kg LBM, medium to longer term = keep LBM and reduce body fat to low teens.

Juice: Sustanon 250 @ 500mg/w for 10 weeks
On cycle ancillaries: none
PCT: Nolvadex at 40/40/20/20


1)I am about to go on a Sustanon 250 cycle for 10 weeks @ 500mg/week. I have read a variety of conflicting opinions on how frequently to dose. Some say 1/week other ED or E3D. What is your advice on this issue?

2) In regards to diet. Should I be eating 500 calories (or thereabouts) over my daily caloric needs from day one of course or wait gear to build up?

3) Based on my macro profile: Am I eating too much protein? Should increase carbs or fat?
On training days I have a shake for breakfast (with oats +skim milk) and one before workout (with some toast) and after work out (with some simple sugars).

4) Do you advise a AI during cycle? I am trying to obtain Arimidex and plan to eat 1 tab E3D. But might not be possible. I am in Australia so have very restrictive customs laws.

5) Do you think my training regime has enough load for a AAS cycle?

6) Are my goals realistic?

Thank you for any insight you can offer.


Ad.1 More often more stable gear level

Ad.2 Yes start right away

Ad.3 No you are not eating too much protein, I would up carbs to 400-500g in training days

Ad.4 It depends on your Estradiol levels during the cycle, I would throw up some Masteron instead of Arimidex and see how it work

Ad.5 Don't know, any reasonable training when on AAS will give you results

Ad.6 Not a chance to gain 10LBM on that cycle, if you do 2-3kg after PCT should be very happy


Thank you for the feedback.

Is an 8 week cycle superior to a 10 week cycle if the amount of AAS consumed over the same period is the same?


Not if your using sust250, it has short and long esters, hence more frequent injections more stable levels. The long esters wont kick in till around week 3 1/2, this is why most long estered cycles are suggested to run 12 weeks. So if your plan is to stop at 10 weeks your already cutting yourself short 2 weeks. Upping the dose isnt gonna make the esters work faster, the only option to make them work faster that im aware of is frontload.