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First Cycle Advice, Lets Get it Started!


178lbs (under 8% bf)
I know I could gain more weight naturally but Im impatient.

Cycle:12 weeks
Test E-1 250x2 a week
liquidex-.5 or .25 EOD Dose dependent on sides.

Now my real question is on cycle support supps, what do I really need besides and AI, I know taurine for back pumps if they occur but is there anything that is really essential?

PCT: 2 weeks after last pin
taper off of liquidex .25/.25/half of .25/half of .25
clomid 50/50/50/25
nolva 20/20/10/10 But im pushing more towards clomid
Mr supps formastanzol

I plan on pinning in my delts, quads, and glutes hitting a different spot every pin.

SO any advice would be appreciated to maximize gains and stay as safe as possible.

Any tips for pinning would be helpful as well since this will be the first time pinning, Size of needles and what not haha


nothing wrong with being impatient, it's the American way

I like backloading slin pins when im doing ED pins. but it will also work nicely with the way you've structured your cycle.

I would save the dbol for the end of your cycle. weeks 10-14 (right before you begin pct)

taurine has never helped my back pumps..i would not use forma-whatever the fuck it's called either.

keep an eye on your blood pressure


The man is in. What's better subcutaneous pins or to the muucell?


...if you want a definite peak within 48 hours im is the way.

...if you want slow but steady release with less spiking of hormone and in turn less E2 issues sub q in the belly fat painless and g2g. Sub q will have less pain less scar tissue than im.

The latter sub q has had mixed reactions in TRT from people saying they don't feel the same kick or some similar comment, but my guess is it's in their head. I rotate between sub q and im primarily because I still have a half a case of 25G 5/8 & 23G 1.5 syringes.

I would ask Mr. Walkaway once more what length needle on slin pins he uses and do you use slin pins on delts, bi's and tri's? I use 25G 5/8 on those muscle groups.


Thanks for that dog. So for Sub Q sounds more mello for TRT lighter steady cruising. And for the 12 week core sessions go IM.


Also which sizes are best for the most minimal scarring, pain is not an issue here. Slins seem to be the way always.


As for the Adex... some people like .25 EOD I see, or just fuck it and do .5 EOD, week 1-11 then the last week (week 12) taper to .25 EOD?

As far as the Nova...20m x 2 a day, week 13 then taper to 20m x 1 a day for weeks 14-16?

sound comfy? Thanks for the schooling.


Thank you guys very much, some good info here haha.
Why do you say wait for the dbol? Isn't it usually ment as a kicker?


Could Dog, BUDs, or Mr. Walkway answer my three questions pretty please.


everyone aromatizes differently. it depends largely on how fat you are, if you drink alcohol, etc. .5mg EOD is a good dose

your pct looks fine

the smaller the needle and the less injection volume per pin, the less scar tissue.

I pin .5ml using 1/2" slin pins 28g


using orals as "kickers" or "frontloading" cycles desensitizes your body to aas faster (and no im not talking about receptor downregulation/cleansing or any of that bs)

your myostatin will increase after 8 weeks in which case you will be best off increasing the dose, or adding another compound (like an oral)


Thank you for the Walkway...

I'm 12-15% body fat...prob closer to 12%. Drink on weekends only...occasionally to not at all. May get away with .25 for the Dex?


...and for the final bonus point, delts, quads, butt, and move it around each pin?

I think I'm done now...all quickfire advice appreciated as always.


sure you may "get away" with .25mg.. but it's not something you want to risk.


Ok I see how that makes sense haha,

Now for the 1/2' slin pins, can I use those everywhere or just for the smaller pinning areas?? Or should I use a bigger gauge pin for the glutes and quads??


I use slin pins on front, lateral, and rear delts

biceps, triceps, traps, and pecs. I also pin my VM's.

I don't do glute shots, but you can use a bigger needle for glutes and quads yes. I would suggest a 1.5" 23g for glutes, 1" 23g for quads


5'8 178lbs @ under 8% is really nice! how many years training? can we see pics?


I have found that taurine actually does help with back pumps, but I was mega-dosing it around 5g a day. Which was a whopping 5 500mg caps 2x daily; good thing it is cheap. I think alot of it has to do with your electrolyte balance, my diet at the time (and most of the time) had a bit too much sodium. I surmise if your diet is clean enough you may not have to deal with them at all.

Oral winstrol was doing me dirty with the pumps, never again will I take that garbage.

PS I was also nomming on tums for extra calcium as calcium/potassium are big deals for your nervous system. Can't say for certain that it helped, but I can't say that it didnt.


Hell yea thanks man I appreciate it alot!!


I've been taking it really serious now for the last 1-1.5 years. I do have some pictures but I feel more comfortable not posting any AVI or anything, I like to remain anonymous for certain reasons haha.