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First Cycle Advice (I know same old sh*t)


Hey everyone,
New to the forum here but this seemed like the best one to get advice. I've been lifting weights since I was 15, but really training since I was 18. I'm thinking of taking the plunge (no pun intended) and stepping it up to the next level. Will be 25 soon, which I know is kind of young, but I've hit a wall with any sort of gains. I'd just like to present my current stats and a proposed cycle and hope that you guys can give some productive critiques.


height 5'6
weight 170
body fat 8%
bench max 330
dead lift 500
squat 435
pull up max (weighted) 120

Proposed Cycle

wk 1-12 Test C 250 E3rdD
wk 1-10 EQ 200 2xW
wk 1-4 Dbol 40mg ED
wk 1-12 ardex .5 mg ED

wk 13-15 ardex .5 mg ED
wk 13-15 Nolva 20 2xD

Thanks in advance,


Looks mostly good overall.

You should take adex .5 EOD to start. Then move up if needed. Nolva should be started in week 15. Run for four weeks 40/40/20/20. I would also get on the same pin schedule for the EQ and the Test. Either do the EQ E3D or the Test 2xW. It will be easier on you.

I also applaud you for waiting until age 25 and it looks like you've done some reasearch.


id drop the eq and add more test


Walkway is right, EQ is most effective at high doses and after a frontload. If I were you I'd leave the EQ for a future cycle and go with 500-600mg Test C the first time around.

Adex .25-.5mg EOD


He is already at 583mg/wk. 250 E3D. If you are going Test only go to 750+. 250 EOD would do really nicely.


Awesome advice guys. I did ponder test only but wanted the EQ for the added benefit of increased appetite, increased blood volume and red blood cell production, ultimately resulting in more oxygen being brought into the muscle. I'm just trying to get the most out of my first cycle, which I've read usually provides the most gains.

I've only been researching cycle options and information for a little over a month and will continue to do so for another month until I feel it's on point. Thanks for the nolva advice too, I forgot I need to wait for the test to clear. So maybe test c 250 and EQ 200 every 3rd day with a 900 mg EQ front load, will keep the dbol kick-start, arimidex .5 EOD . Pct run the adex .5 EOD with nolva starting week 15 40/40/20/20 as suggested.

I've seen plenty of newbies get flamed for trying to deviate from the standard "test only first cycle" so I mean no disrespect by trying to reach beyond that. I understand that if negative sides do arrive then it will be hard to distinguish which compound is causing it. That being said, I think I've chosen the right forum.

Every research effort on my part usually ended with the most sound advice and experiences coming from this site. Thanks for the input guys.


You may also want to consider stopping the EQ 1 week before the Test as it is a longer ester than the test. That way they will clear at the same time. I'd also taper the adex into PCT. As the Test clears you will need less active adex.


im not suggesting that you drop the EQ because you should run a test-only cycle.. im suggesting you drop the EQ because EQ sucks..

you will get all the benefits you are looking for from the EQ from the test.

trust me, im eating over 4500 calories a day (working with Shelby) and im constantly hungry


I would drop the EQ as well. I ran it for my first cycle along side test E for 12 weeks, but wish I saved it for a future cycle or just bought more test. One problem is you only are running it 10 weeks, I noticed the eq kick in at week 8, therefor I wouldn't run it less than 16 weeks and with a good size frontload. Stick with the Test and dbol, you will see the gains your after i'm sure.


I agree with dropping it too. It don't think it's useless but Test is far more effective. As WW has said you could run a higher dose of test and get great results. You would also save some money. 250mg EOD would work out to 875mg/wk. Either way you'll love the cycle.