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First Cycle Advice - Deca 'Comedown' Issues Likely?



I’m about to run my first cycle. Just waiting for my Letrozole and Clomid to arrive as I don’t want to start until I know they are safely on hand.

I’m 33, 6’ 205lbs, about 18% BF. Been training since I was 18 but stepped it up in the last year or so (resistance training 5 times per week).

I would have liked to run my first cycle on just Test-E ideally but the gear I’ve managed to get my hands on is Androvex400 - a blend of (per ml) Test-C 175mg, Test-P 125mg and Nandrolone Undeclenate (Deca) 100mg.

The Cycle I’m thinking of running is:

Week 1-4 Androvex 1ml/wk (so 400mg in total AS)
Week 4-8 Androvex 1ml/wk (so 400mg in total AS) + Letrozole 1/4mg E3D
Week 9 Letrozole 1/4mg E3D

Week 10 Clomid 50mg/2xd
Week 11-13 Clomid 50mg/d

I’m keen to get general feedback from vets on this plan before I start. Specific questions I have are:

I’ve gone light on the AI (Letrozole), starting half way through the cycle and going for every 3rd day instead of every other day. My reasoning is that with only 300mg of Test /week risk of gyno seems low(ish), so I don’t want to go too far and crash my Estrodol levels and suffer the effects of that. However, I plan to keep it going for 1 extra week after the injections have stopped as Test-C is so long lasting. Am I on the right track with this approach?

I’m a bit concerned that the Deca has an even higher half-life (16d I believe) than Test-C (12d I believe) and might keep my natural Test levels from recovering as fast as I’d like at the end of the cycle. Is this likely to be a problem or am I worrying about nothing? If it is an issue, is there anything I can do to mitigate this or do I just have to suck it up and accept a temporary drop in natural Test recovery for a couple weeks after the cycle ends?

Incidentally, is the half-life the time until half the substance is released into the blood or until half the substance is used up and gone, or are the two things the same?

With this Androvex mix, should I inject twice a week (2x 0.5ml) or will once a week (at 1ml) be sufficient? I’m thinking twice due to the Test-P content, but just checking what you guys think.

Thanks for reading.


Just done a bit more reading, looks like I might have to leave it 2 weeks before starting PCT rather that the 1 week gap I was planning?


Nobody got any feedback? Letrozole and Clomid arrived today so ready to go barring any last minute thoughts from forum members.


Twice a week is better because of the test p short ester