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First Cycle Advice/Critique Please

Stats: 5 ft 6 / 158-160 lbs / 8 % bf
25 years old
-5 years of consistent disciplined eating and training
-competed in two natural bodybuilding comps
Goal: Npc classic physique 2017

(Thinking of starting in 4 weeks- any critiques or adjustments with reasoning would be highly appreciated)
-I’ve put a lot of thought and research into this but am not set in stone with it yet and need advice. Thank you in advance. About to be done with my 12 week cut to prime my body for growth and am getting blood work done in a couple weeks.


  1. I’m going to have aromasin on hand, but am confused on when to use. Only when estrogenic sides occur? or every other day just to be safe? Should I include it in PCT also?

  2. I know clomid should be taken 2 weeks post final test injection. Does that mean my 4 week PCT should start after a two week break of consuming nothing after the final injection?

  3. I know there’s a lot of speculation on the “right way” to use HCG. Does my protocol make sense?

  4. Do you guys recommend cycle-support supplements if it’s just test?

  5. Do you recommend natural test boosters for pct as well?

First Cycle:

  • Aromasin EOD 12.5 mg- 25 mg (depends on what sides appears)

week 1 test e 500mg
week 2 test e 500mg
week 3 test e 500 mg
week 4 test e 500 mg
week 5 test e 500 mg
week 6 test e 500 mg
week 7 test e 500mg
week 8 test e 500mg
week 9 test e 500mg & HCG 1000 iu
week 10 test e 500mg & HCG 1000 iu
week 11 test e 500mg & HCG 1000 iu
week 12 test e 500mg & HCG 1000 iu


week 13 clomid 150 mg/day & Cardarine 20 mg/day
week 14 clomid 150 mg/day & Cardarine 20 mg/day
week 15 clomid 100 mg/day & Cardarine 20 mg/day
week 16 clomid 100 mg/day & Cardarine 20 mg/day

Thank you so much for viewing this. Appreciate any feedback.

start your AI immediately. If you wait for sides, it’s much harder to manage them. It’s best used as a preventative measure. gyno is hard as fuck to get rid of once you have it.

continue to use your AI through PCT, including the 2 week break, as testosterone will continue to aromatize over those weeks. begin to taper dose after the first week.of being ‘off’.

I wouldn’t worry about cycle support. I’ve never seen problems in my bloodwork, and i’ve done much stronger cycles.

natural test boosters mostly don’t work, and there’s the potential that one could be tainted with actual steroids. that would be detrimental to pct. not worth using.

looks good man. best of luck, seems like you’re in a good position for this.

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clomid is too high. 50mg the whole time is plenty

Thanks a lot man. I think I’m prone to get gyno flares since I believe I have an existing barely noticeable case of it. I’ll definitely use it right away to prevent it from going crazy.

So basically use the AI from start to end of cycle including all throughout PCT, but gradually lower dose after the final test dose?

Cycle support are more for orals then right?

thanks again

Ok gotcha. Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.

Also do you recommend an EOD approach with the AI or same dose everyday?


I use my AI every other day.

As for cycle support, I think most are useless based on the data that’s out there. The only 2 support products that really do anything for protecting the liver as far as steroids are concerned are NAC and TUDCA. I would only use either if bloodwork came back with elevated liver enzymes beyond what you’re comfortable with. Mine have always stayed in range, even running Halo, which should be pretty liver toxic. Milk Thistle is utterly useless at protecting the liver via the mechanisms by which steroids can potentially damage it. At best, milk thistle only helps with alcohol.

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holyyyy this helps a lot. thank you !

HCG should be 250iu 2-3 times per week from the start up until a few days before the start of PCT.