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First Cycle Advice, Blast and Cruise


I want to start my first cycle and a BC
5'10 ish
200 lbs
College junior
Bf%: have abs so low I guess
Been lifting since 16

Bench: 385
Squat: 545
Deadlift: 600s

Dbol 60mg EOD weeks 1-6
Test e 300mg e3d weeks 1-12
Then cruise on 150-200 mg of test a week till next cycle

I have armoirize (sp?) on hand for sides and nolva and clomid for an emergency

Any advice would be awesome


Where are your test levels at now? What are your goals?

Trust me when I say I understand your desire to B+C at a (Very) young age, but you need to take a lot into account.


do you go to MSU? i know thats weird


I don't know what test I have but i know I don't have low test
I understand the shut down risks and the fact I could be on forever

And nope


Alright well here's my advice on your first blast:

Run the Dbol straight through, not EOD. You can still run it 60mg for weeks 1-6; probably wouldn't hurt to run a liver support like Tudca when running orals for longer durations.

Plan on upping your test 100mg or so around week 6-8. As long as everything else is on par (training nutrition recovery), then this will help limit plateaus.


Come off the Juice this is your first cycle. 500mg test e 10 weeks




How much can you reasonably hold on to after pct? I might grab some hcg then.


pretty much everything.

We've all felt the lure of the B&C lifestyle, but get a few more cycles under your belt before you make such a massive commitment


someone i know has the exact same stats haha


would you recommend the HCG? i feel like if i started that like 3 weeks before cycle ends I would recover better, or would that be wrong/overkill etc


well, that's how you're supposed to use HCG... but HCG is not PCT in it's entirety.

you'd wait another week or so, and add in a SERM (nolva, tore, etc)



OP you have the right idea. No one has any business taking steroids unless they're ready to blast and cruise. Cycling is retarded and risking permanent shutdown anyway. It's more expensive, less healthy physically and psychologically, and you don't as good of results. You will lose the majority of your gains once you go off cycle, given enough time. And most of us will need TRT in our 40s anyway.

Looks good blast for 12 cruise for 6-12 and repeat. Get blood work done so you keep estrogen under control.


debate on B&C vs cycling aside, but you're actually recommending to someone who's never used AAS before to stay on them for the rest of his life?

pretty irresponsible, IMO.


What's irresponsible is to recommend that people cycle, as if it's no big deal, and that they can easily come off. Using hormones is a serious decision potentially requiring a lifelong commitment. So yes if you do even one cycle you should be prepared to be on for life. The decision is up to OP but if he (or anyone else) takes the plunge at all it makes no sense to cycle.


no, i'm gonna stand by what i said: recommending someone who's never used gear before to stay on forever is irresponsible.


Nobody is "encouraging" people to cycle here. I'm sure you're smart enough to know this but just decided to use an extreme choice of words.

I might partially agree with your overall point if the individual is over the age of 35yrs, but if you think someone in his early twenties has the life experience and foresight to make a decision to stay on for life, you must be a kid yourself.

And if you truly believed this:

why did you tell a 155lb noob in the other thread

without first acertaining his commitment and knowledge of the risks involved?



Agree, either don't use or stay on.


I PCT and do just fine. I'm not sure why in recent years everyone started saying that you had to stay on for life. A few years ago PCT was the norm, with only dudes making a living from this staying on year round.

Now it seems everyone blasts and cruises. It'll probably shift back to PCT again in a year or so. Swings and roundabouts.


it is odd...

although, 10 years ago, a gram of test a week on a cycle was a big deal, and now it's somewhat common. i suppose as the doses have gone up, the odds of a decent recovery have gone done... i dunno.