First Cycle Advice at 26

26 years old, 200lbs 6ft
Been lifting for a few years, Proper training routines and nutritional diets have been followed…

Want to get out of drinking/partying/recreational scene and focus more on fulfilling my life with a great physique, I use to be heavier and I want to fill out loose skin areas.


Wanting to run the typical newbie first cycle that’s recommended.
Test e OR c, still debating , 500 mg/w 12 weeks wait 3 weeks and start nolva/clomid

I am open minded , please share your opinion. I also don’t want to shut down and go on TRT for the rest of my life yet because as a natural I have a good sex drive/ but I also don’t plan on having kids. plan on cycling until I reach the age where BnC becomes more of an option.

Give me your best thoughts/opinions. Thanks

My opinion is don’t.

Why risk ruining your normal sex drive? After one cycle you’ll likely wanna do more. And add to it.

You’re headed to trt this way. And the possibility of fucking up your libido.

Just lift and eat right. Most chicks don’t give a shit about abs. They care about laughing with you and if you’re funny.


Testosterone at just about any dose for 10-16 weeks

how many cycles do you plan to run?

1-2 a year maybe see how many body recovers

for how many years?

Good question , a few years at least I would imagine

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Basically - gain something, then lose it, then gain it again, then lose it, until you are done with this rollercoaster?
Unless those 2 cycles a year are like 9 months long, what you plan to do eventually will leave you right where you started.

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