First Cycle Advice and Recommendations

What would you guys suggest for a first cycle?

Update: Sorry for taking a couple days to get back to you guys.

Age: 33
Weight: 6’2 220 lbs
Years training with weights: about 1.5 years consistently.

Estimated %!body fat: around 20% plus

Some indication of your strength:
Squat: 275 lbs
Bench: 250 lbs

We will need your:
Years training with weights
Estimated %!body fat (pic would be better)
Some indication of your strength.


Testosterone. However I like Dr. Mike’s views on oral only (Var or Dbol) for a newbie. But, like already, stats, age background, literally any context would be helpful


I wonder why this isn’t a more common initial approach to AAS.

You are referring to Defy?

I believe there was a recent YouTube video with Dr. Mike Israetel in which he recommends oral only for beginners.


Mike Israetel from Renaissance Periodization

Shit, @mnben87 beat me to it lol - different video, same content (kinda)

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Unless you have an MD after your name you should refrain from putting Dr. in front of your name unless you are at a scientific conference in your field maybe.

He is not an MD and thoughtful people with PhDs really don’t go by Dr unless they are German or in a lecture hall. It’s somewhat misleading to laypersons.


Thanks for the videos. @Andrewgen_Receptors too.


Umm, how many people with PhD’s have you met that don’t get all pissy if not addressed as “Dr. xxxx”? They get real stingy about that shit


Those that have a PhD in “Sport Physiology” and other laughable PhDs (education, etc).

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The AP stylebook, a writing guide used by major U.S. publications including Newsweek, also suggests that the term doctor should not be used by those with academic doctoral degrees.
Its latest edition reads: “Use Dr. in first reference as a formal title before the name of an individual who holds a doctor of dental surgery, doctor of medicine, doctor of optometry, doctor of osteopathic medicine, doctor of podiatric medicine, or doctor of veterinary medicine.”
It adds: “Do not use Dr. before the names of individuals who hold other types of doctoral degrees.”


I’ve encountered this a few times. I usually think “what a douche”. It’s to bad I don’t have a Masters degree, because I would demand they call me Master Ben if they want to be called Dr. whatever.

Moral of the story, it’s probably a good thing I don’t have a Master’s degree, because HR would have a field day.




Plenty of people on LinkedIn with BS and MS after their name and all kinds of other letters. Also cringe deluxe.

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Israetel. I like his content and approach.

The best they will get out of me is “sir”. If they push it I will mention that I live by Job 32:22, sir.

We’ve been pounded with “oral only is bad” and “where’s your test base” and I agree with that for certain compounds. I wouldn’t run Primo or Anadrol or Tren without Test in there. But once you know what the test is doing (basically making sure you ahve enough e2) you can start thinking about when you can drop it. And DBol would do what injected test does (just worse for you) and Var has been studied alone a ton with minimal impact to HPTa at around 20mg or less. So let’s assume at 50-75mg daily you’d have suppression eventually, but I bet you could get 6-8 weeks out of it to “test the waters” before that happens.

There’s some nuance there, and that gets lost a lot on the internet and social media


In the 1970’s the only AAS that I knew anyone taking was oral. I never heard of taking testosterone until late 1977.

Most everyone took Dianabol (Ciba), that is pharmaceutical grade. And most only took between 10 and 20mg/day.


I told this to a guy on reddit and he about lost his mind lol. Said I had no clue what I was talking about.

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He probably thinks I was stoned the entire 1970’s.

He must not know any competitors from the ‘70’s. It was a very low available information time. All I knew was word of mouth and a PDR.

For the first few years I got all my Dianabol from doctors. They prescribed relatively low doses, but the results were still there.

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