First Cycle Advice 23Y/O

I may have dabbled, allegedly.

I wanted a certain look.

I applaud you for posting pictures, but here comes the tough part: you look like you just started training about 6 months ago currently.
To be fair, I still wouldn’t have recommended AAS in your first picture either; you have a lot of natural gains still on the table, and you should absolutely make them naturally.

Risking your health to look better for summer is a really bad reason IMO. You don’t need a ‘competitive edge’ just to get laid dude, you’ll do fine with an athletic physique, great smile and outgoing personality. Dudes will be all over you if you get hyooge tho, so there’s that…


Okay I’m gonna stick to natural. What age were u when u hopped on and be honest. Do you regret taking steroids or no. They say once you get on them you can’t really get off without losing all your gains

I am a lifetime drug free athlete. I am 36. No plans to hop on.


That’s pretty awesome I must say your physique is better then most people who juice. That’s all I needed to hear. I’m gonna stick to natural 100%. If you wanna let me know what supplements you take that be cool. Also how many days a week do you train?

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I appreciate that dude. If you want to follow my training, here is my log on the site.

I train every day. I lift weights 4-5 times a week, and do conditioning every day at least once a day.

I’m curious why you’d want to know about my supplements vs my nutrition. The latter makes up 99% of the results, whereas supplements fill the gap of that 1%.

@T3hPwnisher just curious, if you’re lifetime drug free, why frequent the Pharma section? I was until a short time ago, a touch older than you so no judgement, I just wasn’t interested in this forum until I was doing my own research.
@Yustey , agree with everyone. In regards to fertility, that is why I abstained until I was done having kids. I would have dabbled earlier in life but that was the largest reason to stay natural. It also made sure I reached my genetic limits before adding anything in. Some of my best natty gains were in my 30s tbh. I hit my PRs on most lifts a few years before TRT then my first cycle. Hit new PRs after AAS, but in my head they have an asterix after them, kind of like Mark McGuire or Sammy Sosa’s HR records haha. If I would have taken AAS sooner, with the experience I have now, I do firmly believe I would have regretted it.
One more note; my wife and I had difficulty conceiving our last child. If I had a history of AAS use prior, I would have absolutely blamed myself and regretted everything. This is however what caused me to get a work up and then go on TRT after we had the baby.

I am all over this website. I use this place for entertainment while I’m at work.


Sounds reasonable.

Well thanks: thats what I am going for, haha

No problem bro! And yea your nutrition is deff on point what multi vitamin and your go to post workout meal do you take. If you could throw in your macros too that be cool. The physique you have is something I want. Ik consistency is key just could use some tips here and there. Gonna check out your page

Happy to chat dude.

I don’t use a multivitamin. I eat a pretty nutrient rich diet. On that note, this is my go to post workout meal.


I train first thing in the morning, and after training, I’ll eat that. Here is the content/

Bottom right is a breakfast burrito (you can BARELY make out the wrap underneath the innards) using an egg white wrap. The contents are 2 pasture raised organic eggs, 1-ish egg white, some grassfed butter, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, spinach, and 2oz of darkmeat turkey (typically I have grassfed beef, but we made a turkey that week and I had a lot of leftovers). I spread some tzatziki sauce on the wrap, and then topped the omelet with half an avocado, some fat free feta cheese and some primal kitchen unsweetened ketchup.

Bottom left is 5 celery stalks with a combination of almond and peanut based nuts n more spread and half a low carb bagel with sunflower butter on it. I ate the other half first thing this morning before training.

Top right is 170-ish grams of fat free greek yogurt, 4 frozen organic blackberries, a serving of Naked PB peanut butter flour, some whey protein, cinnamon, salt and dark chocolate chips

Upper left is a mug of cashew milk

I’ve never counted a calorie or macro in my life. No idea what they are. I keep carbs low, protein high, and fats moderate to high. When I want to gain weight, I up the fats. When I need to lose it, I drop them.

I use Biotest’s ElitePro Minerals for Zinc, Magnesium and a few other goodies, along with Flameout for my fish oil and Alpha Male, given I’m 36 and have been training hard for 22 years. I also use creatine monohydrate.

In between my lifting and conditioning workouts in the morning (which you see in my log), I have a protein shake of 7oz of drinkable egg whites and 1 scoop of protein.


That is a meal of champions right there. Can’t get much better than that. Alpha male extract from infowars shop? I took that not to long ago definitely helped my energy levels and focus all around. Good stuff man do u do a light or heavy breakfast? Also what are your thoughts on a casein protein. I don’t have much time on my hands work 10 hr days 6 days a week and hit the gym almost everyday so it’s tough to prep everything or make it fresh. But I do try my best.

From Biotest. I wouldn’t advertise another company’s products here.

That meal I posted IS breakfast. Like I said: I train first thing in the morning. I get up at 0335 and start training at 0345. In between, I’ll eat some keto toast with some sunflower butter on it, but this meal is the first real breakfast.

I don’t use casean, but I do eat a large meal before bed that includes many slow digesting proteins and fats.

I like meal prepping in advance. Air fryers and slow cookers go a long way. I’ve been living off a bunch of chicken thighs and breasts I cooked on Sunday this week.

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That’s a smart move considering every calorie you eat during the day will go to your muscles pretty much. A goal of mine is to have a home gym. Just really need a squat rack mats and a bench press. One that goes up so I can hit shoulders. Thanks for helping out appreciate it.

Thanks man. It’s honestly a smart move because it means I train while my family is sleeping so I can spend my time with them in the evenings vs being a meathead, haha. Home gyms are awesome. Best of luck in your pursuit.

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This thread was a wholesome read.

Good decision to wait brother. For most people being at their natural genetic limit will be enough looks wise to get the attention from the chicks and the respect from the dudes, if one wants that.

You seem to be on a good way too with the weights and the physique.

A good thought to hold for guys your age and interested in looking good for summer now is this:
A males sexual worth increases until he is 35. At 35, 99% of men look either fat or have a slight dad bod going. If you are at 90% if your genetic limit with muscle and body fat at 30 yo, then you’ll be top 1% looks wise easily and probably top 0.1% of men entirely. You then can choose any chick you want from 18-40 years of age, whatever you like. You can also be in a relationship and reap the benefits of your girl knowing you can have any girl you want. Don’t go for the quick gains now, put in the work and reap the befits life holds for you.
It’s really that easy.


I am soo jelous of you. Eating such cool foods.
As someone who has IBS, i think i can only eat the turkey meat and absolutelly nothing else in that meal if i dont want to smell like rotting sack of shit for the rest of the day.

Its funny how i can digest McDonalds food but 3 blueberries would make me shit water for 3 days and be bloated at the same time, haha.
Damn i miss veggies and fruits especially… or eggs… ahhhh.

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The fruit is actually a VERY recent addition: as of this week. For similar reasons: fruit was causing some bad GI distress. But adding in some sugar free metamucil has really gone a long way toward addressing some very persistent digestive issues, so now I’m trying to re-introduce some foods that were previously off limits.

This is my go to for digestive issues. It’s just plain good for you. Fiber and blood sugar control as well as slight appetite suppression.

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