First Cycle Advice 23Y/O

I have been working out for about 5 years. I’m 6 foot tall male 23 years old turning 24 soon. Was thinking about starting my first cycle of testosterone e. I’ve done a lot of research so far and it seems like 200 mg a week ain’t enough. If your going to shut down your balls you my as well start at 500mg a week 2 shots. I currently weigh 202 pounds and have an outline of abs. Naturally I’m pretty good in shape. I have a little extra body fat right now due to taking some time off from gym but I’ve been back steady and diet is on point for the last 2 months. Getting blood work soon to check my levels. Any advice from anyone am I to young to start. My lifts are pretty strong 225 bench for 5 reps and 315 deadlift for 4 reps w a 285 squat 4 reps. Let me know

You have SO much more room to grow naturally at this point.


IMO, its too soon. Its likely that you have a lot more potential naturally. Lots of high quality whole food, 8 hours of sleep nightly, minimal alcohol and, lots of muscle stimulus will go a long way.

With that said, if you are intent on a cycle, then yes, 500mg/week of test will have a significant impact but there are sides. Some guys are affected differently than others.

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INB4: to young. those lifts at 200lbs and 23 are not pretty strong. you should max out your natural potential with food and correct training before considering AAS.

What did you eat yesterday, all of it
What does a week of training look like for you in detail?


I have no probs with you doing steroids. I have probs with you wanting to do a cycle.
IMO, one should cycle when he can answer a question - why do you think cycling is better than blasting and cruising in a period of 10 years.

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I would think that you should be considerably stronger squatting. Maybe you don’t know how to squat to optimize moving the most weight. At 200lbs I would think you should be closer to 365lb for 5 reps in 5 years training.

Your bench press is just so-so.

IMO, get a little stronger before starting into AAS’s.

A long time strength standard:

  • 2 times bodyweight squat
  • 1.5 times bodyweight bench press
  • 2 times body weight deadlift

To be considered reasonably weight room strong you should be to do all of these a 1 rep max. Work toward 10 reps with those weights. You will probably need AAS to get to 10 reps on all three unless you are a genetic freak. But IMO, you shouldn’t consider AAS’s until you can get to 1 rep max on all three lifts.

And you should be able to do 20 rep pullups (or chin-ups) full range motion (all the way down and all the way up without kipping)


No they are not. Sorry to be blunt.

Correct, not for a cycle.

Ok, so this alone says you are not ready to cycle. I don’t get it why we have so many people lately that have not proven discipline to maintain a consistent workout regimen and then want to hop on steroids. There’s always an excuse/reason why they missed their gym time. If you get to a point in your life when you always train religiously and realize that excuses are like assholes… consider your cycle at that point.


Thank you buddy gonna take this advice.

I will not be hopping on a cycle anytime soon thanks for the advice. I need to get my lifts up a lot more and be consistent for probably about 2 more years. With that time I’ll be 25 and maybe satisfied w how I am natural and if not then I’ll hop on maybe. Thanks again. The reason I have for stopping the gym was because i tore my acl and mcl from a car accident and broke my tibia plateau. Was on crutches for 8 months and lost all my gains in my left leg. Recovery has been a long road but before the injury I was in my best shape by far. Could squat 315 for a few reps at 180 pounds. Anyway thanks again


To see how testosterone effects my system. Also wouldn’t mind blasting and cruising but I don’t want it to effect my fertility levels considering I am young and would like to have kids eventually. I’m new to doing my research but I’m trying to put everything together and finding what will give me that competitive edge over the average lifter. I do feel I have good genetics to work with

I use my fitness pal and my macros for yesterday were 210 grams of protein, 352 grams of carbs, 108 grams of fat. Each day it varies but I hit my goal for 200 grams of protein a day while keeping carbs above 300 grams. Training each week I vary from push, pull, legs, rest repeat. chest tris, back bis, legs, rest, shoulders, back bis, chest tris rest. 3 days a week I do cardio after workout, 3 days a week I do core after workout, sauna sessions 3-4 times a week for 15 min. 3 days on 1 day off is what I’ve been doing. I definitely feel myself getting stronger each time I go to the gym at a pretty quick rate. Just was wondering if I should hop on just yet or wait till I either plateau or my test levels drop. Waiting for my results to come through to see where I’m at w my test levels.


You’re 23. No. If you EVER want to have kids, this is the wrong decision.

Best advice is to train steady for 10+ years, then and only then, should AAS use be considered. Mental maturity is a huge factor in how well people can tolerate cycling.

Are you competing? because a ‘competitive edge’ is worth fuck all if you aren’t.

Please post a picture of your current physique


I would not if I were you.

you’ll never plateau. there will always be more food, pr’s in different rep ranges, different programs. It will be many years before your progress even slows down. slowing down is not a plateau.

why do you want to get on? what do you think it will do for you?

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You understand that if you are worried about your fertility, you will have to quit steroids for long enough to lose all gains, and after that you will start again from 0, right?
So why dont you have kids and THEN take steroids?
Is there a reason why you want to get some extra gains for a few years, battle crazy sides of cycling many times over and over, just to quit it when you want kids?


I want to get on cause I wanna make gains quicker and build more muscle before summer

Do you take steroids? If so why did u make that decision to start

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Before injury



IMO, this is a poor reason to get on steroids. But I do understand the rationale. I recommend you take it a little slower and build a good foundation before trying to get freaky. It will be easier in the long run. You are in for the long haul, aren’t you.

I may have dabbled, allegedly.

I wanted a certain look.