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First Cycle Adjustments


Wsup T-Nation. First off I want to say that I find T-Nation to be the best source of information out there. Thank you T-Nation. I've been creeping around on this website for about 2 years now reading and reading soaking it all up. Now this is my first post. I feel like I need some opinions from ones that know best. Its about my first cycle haha I know you guys get a ton of these.

First off Im 25 yrs old. Stand about 5'6. I've been training seriously for about a year now but I've always been working out on and off for years in the garage with my friends since I was a youngster. Never ate enought though. Was into some bad things. Newayz at the moment I am waking up at about 154 lbs after using the bathroom in both ways. Bodyfat I'd have to guess about 15% not sure but I can post a picture if you'd like. Arms are 16" flexed thighs are 23".

Now I got all my gear AI SERM with me now. Im planning on starting my first cycle this Thursday. About five days from now. My goal is to gain and maintain as much muscle as possible. I can't decide on the dose of the cycle. Help me if you can. I'd appreciate it.

Planned Cycle
Week 1-6 Test E 750mg/w with a 1000mg frontload. Biweekly shots of 375mg every 3.5 days.
Week 1-4 Dbol 10mg 3x/d.
Week 7-8 Test P 100mg/d untill 3days prior to pct. Dbol 10mg 3x/d untill day before pct.
Week 1-8 Adex .25mg/d and taper off in pct. Will adjust dose as needed as in bloat and
gyno symptoms.

PCT will be Tamoximed 2 weeks after last shot of Test E. 40/40/20/20
But first day of PCT I will dose 20mg every 4 hours for a total of 80mg.

My questions are..
Is 750mg of Test too much for my size?
When I transition from Test E to Prop, how many days should I wait before I start the Prop?
If I decide to run it at 750mg/w should I start my Adex at .5mg/d?
Are there any other adjustments I should make? I only have 1200mg of Prop but I do have a whole lot more of Enan and Dbol. Alot of AI and SERM also.

Thank you T-Nation!


Why the switch from Enth to prop?


I want to transition to Prop to wrap it up with a bang. From what I read I wanted to do an 8 week cycle because its seems like recovering from it is a breeze. I want to hold on to my gains as much as possible. To make up for the shorter cycle I upped the dose. Lately it seems that the more experienced prefer shorter cycles with higher doses. To be suppressed for only 8 weeks gives me only 6 weeks of Test E injections so in that gap between that and pct Ill use Prop And Dbol to finish off the cycle with a bang.

I didnt want my first cycle be an 8 week Prop cycle. Way too many shots. And from what I read about others experiences with Prop on virgin muscles Id probably wont be able to move for the first week or so.


Im sorry am I coming off like an idiot? Its been a few days and yet no ones said anything about my cycle. Is it too short to be using Test E? At first I wanted to run it for 8 weeks making it a total of 10 weeks of suppression. Should I go with that instead? Will anybody help me out here?


I'm sure the vets would be of greater help, but in case none of them answer, I'd look into roidcalc to formulate a plan to implement the cycle you outlined above.

I'd be very interested to hear any problems/challenges you may encounter implementing your plan, as well as the results you get, good or bad. Good luck.


thats a good cycle, but i'd dial it back a little bit if its only your first cycle, especially after only a year of hard training. Start small, cause after all its only uphill from here if you plan on running more cycles.

Just run the test-e for 12 weeks at 500mg/week, throw in the dbol at 30mg/day the last 4 weeks. Start PCT 2 weeks after last pin. Save the prop for a later cycle.


Thanks for both of your opinions guys. And that roid calc always left me lost haha. I think I will go with 8 weeks of Test E and keep my bridge into pct. Dbol the first 3 weeks and another 3 weeks from week 8 till pct. 12 weeks just seems a bit long to be able to make a quick smooth recovery maintaining on cycle gains. I read how three 8 week cycles will net more gains than two 12 week cycles. And that came from a vet. Newayz Im starting it Monday instead. Till then Ill be thinking about lowering the dose to 625mg/w. Thanks for your inputs.

Anyone else willing to share opinions?i


For anyone interested, last night Christmas night I started my first cycle. I frontloaded a G of Test E divided in four even shots. Decided to run 8 weeks of 750mg/w. Newayz I pinned both my DGs and VGs. I used 25g 1.5" needles all the way in injected slowly. I did them all sitting on a chair. So after I pinned I massaged the sites briefly and on all the sites I felt pain and discomfort. I hopped in the shower n got hot water running down the sites and massaged the area. Pain was getting more noticeable so I did some bodyweight squats and lunges. I went to bed worried because of all the experiences I read about with pinning on virgin muscles mentioning that the pain gets worse for a couple days interfering with training. Well this morning I woke up and I felt fine. I dont feel much pain. Its noticeable on my DGs. And just barely on my VGs practicly none. (NOTE: Im overseas and its been pretty cold out here and during the winter we regularly sleep on heating pads). Im guessing the heating pads helped? I figured Id share my first experience with you guys specially for those wanting to start a cycle. Maybe this could help. For more precautions they even say to warm up the oil but I didnt go to that extent.

What worries me now is if my gear is legit. No pain no gain? Haha.


you'll just have to wait and see. i had similar symptoms after my very first pin. i was a tad sore the day after, but nothing that distracted me from my training.


Glad to hear so BigD. Thanks for your input. Hopefully we on that same boat.