First Cycle. Adding Anavar to Test E. When and How Much?

Whats up everyone. I am going to run my first cycle with 500mg Test Enanthate (250mg twice p/week) for 12 weeks. I was wondering at what weeks and how many I should add the Anavar and what do you all recommend for dosage.

Stats are 6’4, 200lbs, 16% body fat.

I will be taking Aromason 12.5mg every other day. Also, I will be running just Nolva during PCT.

Much appreciated gentlemen!

Then how do you know what amount of aromasin to take? Or are you just randomly taking a drug based on what some guy at the gym told you to do?

Different recommendations from checking the boards here and putting together “the best recommendation with that information” afterwards. You know, the type of shit you do when you have no actual experience with the drugs, yet you look to others to help provide some legitimate information (first hand experience).

Don’t take an AI until you need it…if you need it. That’s legit information


:arrow_up: What he said.

So no feedback related to the anavar? Just the AI

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How many cycles have you completed previously?

50mg/d for six weeks at the end of the cycle. Stay hydrated, eat more bananas (the cramps, especially in smaller muscles, are for real) and don’t do anything stupid with your new strength. Enjoy.

Appreciate that yuppie. Take it weeks 6-12 of the actual cycle or the last 6 weeks all the way up until I start PCT?

See this:

To whom was this question directed?

If it’s me, I’ve done three cycles, am on TRT. I really don’t know that much personally, other than my cycle experiences, but have read widely. Usually if I share information other than my own personal experience, I state that.

Thanks for that share Yuppie! Much appreciated sir

Was directed at the OP.

Ah, my bad.

No worries. I dont think you need to be a gear expert to give out common sense advice. Like blood work or trying to deter young folks from using in the first place. I have never done a “cycle” and I dont give gear advice because I have no experience behind it. But I call bullshit, if I smell it. Or I will find articles or videos that back my point.

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Yeah thats the main issue. There is a shit ton of information out there in regards to this. Trying to decipher between good and bad information is the biggest thing. Information out of science journals with actual verified data would obviously be the best primary option. The other is receiving information here and trying to research it as much as possible before you incorporate it in your cycle. I’m 33 btw and this will be my first cycle newbvet. I am currently waiting on my bloodwork results before I start this cycle.

My aas experience started with TRT. After about a year, I had gotten pretty jacked, for me. I was all over this board, researching a bunch of shit. I was called an asshole because I didn’t use an AI or HCG.

I did the typical asshole thing as well, ranting against the advice I was given - mainly check my thyroid shit - but I had done enough research that I had a good idea what I was talking about.

The thing that gets my knickers in a twist is the first cycle post where the guy claims to have done a ton of research for the last year and is going to do Test plus deca, tren and mast for a first cycle. Clearly, the research was shit.

I also hate it when they try to incorporate jargon - calling it a stack, pinning, PIP, slin, etc…

Humbly, for most dudes on this board, running test C or E for 12 weeks at 500 mg per in two injections per is gold. Have an AI in case, but otherwise, leave it alone.

And, the big miss, don’t think of it as a shortcut.

Everybody wants to do the perfect cycle. The perfect cycle is a good program, consistency in the gym, and meal prep. You cannot out train a shitty diet.

That being said, I’m going to ignore my own advice and blast in a few weeks, lol. I’ll do 400mg of Test C a week in two injections.

That’s my big blast, lol.


Quick Update:

I am still waiting on my pre-cycle bloodwork results to come back. In the mean time I have been cruising the forum and watching quite a few videos from Dr. Rand McClain. I have increased my calorie intake by about 1,500 for the past 4 weeks cleanly (chicken, steak, fish, rice, oats, egg whites … repeat). I have put on another 10 lbs since this with some additional gains in the gym. My question is around the fertility piece. My wife and I have 3 kids and want 1 more. I’m thinking we should try before I hop on the gear. I’m still learning quite a bit around this but I do understand the gear will complicate fertility and add some challenges in regards to ensuring PCT runs perfect (which is no guarantee). Also, I’m still making some decent gains by increasing good calories so I want to max this out before hopping on my cycle.

My question is what is you all’s personal experience around the fertility piece while on and coming off gear. I know some people have said they have knocked girls up while on cycle but I have to assume this is a rarity considering shut down. Also, if I decide to postpone a few more months (which I think is a decent idea) will my gear stay usable. I know the Test lasts for quite some time but I also have my Anavar, Nolvadex, and Aromasin.

Much appreciated gentlemen.

If another kid is important, why risk it? Your stuff will stay good for a while. I waited until my wife was 6 months along with our second before I ran my first cycle. Never wanted even the slightest risk of screwing my self out of a family just to have bigger muscles.

Hang tight, you’ll be able to run it shortly.

Yeah aaronca. It’s looking like pushing it back a bit might be the smartest thing considering the circumstance.