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First Cycle, a Few Practical Questions


Starting soon, 500mg test e, 200mg deca, 10 weeks. frontloading.
kickstarting too, with 30mg dbol for 3-4 weeks,
HCG on cycle, and a bit of nolva
going to take milk thistle and nac too, went for my LFT

Now onto the noob questions.

  1. I work out at 11pm, what time should i pin.
  2. HCG in one cheek, juice in the other? and alternate?
  3. frontloading will be 4ml, that seems like a lot to me, for 1 inj spot [glutes], should i split it into 2 sites?
  4. Letro is expensive here, and no arimidex, i have nolva and clomid but whats the next best thing in case of gyno.
  5. i have 2 brands of test e, one is thicker than the other, should i start teh cycle with the thinner one?
  6. I have half a tub of creatine, havent used it before, should i use it in the beginning of the cycle, or half way thru, when the test starts kicking in?
  7. Are voice changes likely? are they permanent?
  8. What do you take for acne, a friend was on minocyclin, but that didnt seem to help.

sorry for the noob questions, i also plan on taking an LFT test 5 weeks in, and after the cycle, going to post the results, just in case anyone is interested. im just doing it out of interest.

also, 9, whey protein is expensive as, assuming i need 1.5x my [lbs] bw in grams, how much of your protein is from regular protein [chicken/beef], and how much is from whey? if i just relied on whey protein , it would cost more than my gear + pct [i know a guy]


Youre not even close to ready based on half of those questions.

VOICE CHANGES?????? come on


ok q 4,7 and 8 could be easily googled, but the others are decent questions.

how long before a workout should i pin?
practically, most people dont know if 4ml in 1 injection spot is a lot
the creatine q, i dont have enough for the full cycle, i have enough for about half, no i dont know theoretically whether it would be more effective at the start, or half way thru.

as for voice changes, part of virilization, a friend of mine is on about twice the dosages, but on tbol instead of dbol, and his voice breaks a bit, hes 24, i ask because it happened to him. hes on 1gm test e btw. hes also on minocyclin, but that doesnt seem to be helping him, ive read vit b a lot but ive also read mino, i just wanted to see what other people with experience would think


maybe he's a woman, lol.


creatine... who cares. has nothing to do with your cycle

4ml injection is a lot. don't do it.

what time a day yo pin will be based on convenience only.

deca on a first cycle is not recomended

run test e two weeks past deca

don't run nolva on cycle.

have adex and letro on hand.

hcg sub q in the belly

etc, etc, etc, etc..... do a bit of research before you make a big decision like this. everything you mentioned is wrong.


T_Driver, thanks a lot. I really appreciate the answer. I'm going to go off and research this some more.

Thanks again, very nice post.