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First Cycle. 800mg of Test E/wk

Enough? Too much?

im 25 years old, been working out since 18 and training seriously for 3 years now, I started bulking bout 2 months ago. My current stats are 6’6 235lb 15-18% body fat. my record lifts are 315x6 on squat, 315x6 on deadlift, and 280x8 on bench.

Diminishing returns.

First cycle, start with the cookie cutter example of 500mg/week for 10 weeks or so (read stickies for more info on Adex and PCT). See how your body reacts. Above 750mg the side effects get harsher (gyno, water retention, acne, hair growth on body/loss on head etc). If 800mg of Test will be your first cycle, what will you take for your second?

You should think again before starting a cycle- what is your goal- consider to drop a good amount of bodyfat before you start w/ steroids- 500mg test. should be enough for first cycle-but get your levels checked before and get all accessory stuff first.

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Your squat, deadlift, and bench are all pretty much the same…which indicates to me that your training is garbage…probably not ready for the juice just yet man…unless you have some sort of injury keeping your DL/Squat at the same level of your bench…

my goal is to bulk up and put as much meat on me as i can, Im trying to do my first show next year.

VTBalla34: I do have an injured minisuces so ive been working on adding weight to my squat slowly.