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First Cycle: 8 Weeks of Prop


Hello y'all,

I am looking in to doing my first cycle and i have done a fair amount of research. I am a 6'1/200lbs/30yrs, 12-15% body fat, former college athlete with a very active lift style. My training consist of power lifting, strength training, mountain biking, recreational sports and every now and then the lady drags me to some lame crossfit session. My diet is also very clean (maybe one cheat meal a weak). A year ago i had a ACL/MCL restructure and been fighting getting my strength and size back ever since. I ve been looking into a cycle that will increase lean mass and strength without gaining to much weight. This is what i have came up with:

length 8 weeks
weeks 1-8 100mg of Test Prop EOD
weeks 3-8 40mg of Stan 10 every day
weeks 1-8 .5 anastroloze every day and 10 days after the cycle
also thinking about running CLEN on a 2wk on/off through the whole thing

Following with PCT of HCG, clom, nolva, and anastroloze for 4 weeks.

Is this any good???

I also have a couple questions:

  1. As far as random employment test goes, do any of these products show up? To my knowledge we do not test for roids. Just meth, thc, pcp, coke and so on.

  2. A friend told me that test can cause infertility, is this true?? Not looking in to have a kid for 2-3 yrs.


First cycle prop is gonna be a bit of a bitch (you may want to consider Test E). Cycle looks good, change A-dex to 0.5mg EOD (ED is a little overkill to begin). You said you had ACL MCL done a while back, Stanozolol can be pretty tough on your joints so if you get any reoccuring pain or issues you may want to rethink that. Anavar at a decent dose will give you good hard lean gains. So long as you PCT right etc you will be fine, infertility will not be an issue.

  1. Generally, no. Steroids require a more specific test than the usual piss test you get for drugs.

  2. There have been anecdotal reports of guys becoming infertile from steroid use, but the science has never been proven. If it can happen, it's likely it only happens after years of quite heavy steroid abuse but I guess there's always the chance you'll be the unlucky one it happens to straight away. It's a risk you just have to be comfortable with.


^^ x2

Test E Cycle with Prop in the tail end to get a feel for it.

Test E 500mg/wk
Wk 1-10

Test P 50mg/ED
Wk 11-13

Maybe throw in some Tbol/Var in the beginning but I don't think it's necessary. I use the first couple weeks to get a feel for my diet/routine and do some tweaking before levels are up and stable. Good luck man.