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First Cycle - 8 Week with Pct - Need Advice


First of all i’ve been lifting for 5 years now and believe it’s time to try something new. Never done any cycle but im going to soon, just looking for some opinions on this one.

w1-8 - 1 ml t500 + 1 ml tren ace (2 shots pw)
w1-8 - 2 ml boldenone (1 shot pw)
w1-10 - 250iu hCG (2 shots pw)
w1-10 - 0.5mg arimidex (eod)
w11-15 - clomid: 50+50+25+25
w11-15 - nolva: 40+20+20+20

So what you guys think? Good timing/dosages?
Thanks in advance!


Better get your flame suit on for this one. I’m going to be nice and just bring up a couple of points:

  1. First cycle it’s a good idea to run one compound (testosterone) to see how you react.
  2. Tren ace should be pinned at least EOD, preferably ED.
  3. Boldenone is usually found as undecylenate, must be ran for 16+ weeks to get any effect.
  4. 8 weeks is generally too short for test unless it’s prop. With Test E or C 12-16 weeks would be a good first run.

Honestly, it doesn’t sound like you have done much research into this. I think you should take a few months and search “first cycle” on several boards and see if you find a common thread.


As said above.

So basically, drop tren a, stick to your test blend or a simple Test e.

Increase cycle duration by 2-4 weeks.

PCT is what I have always done but now it seems 20mg nolvadex for a longer duration is better than higher dose and chlomid for a shorter period.

Good to see people are finally posting cycles with an AI and HCG on cycle with at least some PCT lol.


So you guys think it’s better to completly stay away from tren a on a first cycle?

w1-12 - 1 ml t500 (2 shots pw)
w1-12 - 2 ml boldenone (1 shot pw)
w1-14 - 250iu hCG (2 shots pw)
w1-14 - 0.5mg arimidex (eod)


isn’t hCG for 14 weeks a too long period?


You can do whatever you want on a first cycle.

The reason why a moderate dose of test is normally done first time round is because it will be very effective with minimum sides.

As well as being very effective, it will get you used to pinning and how your body reacts.

Once you are abit more experienced and clued up you can then get more advanced and add in other compounds depending on your goals.

Adding in random compounds at random levels fist time round is just poor planning.

If your goal was lean mass then test p and tren a (mast p could be added) with a clean diet is often used for a short cycle/blast of 8 weeks + Fast acting compounds means pinning ed or eod!

If your goal is mass then test e, tren e/deca d (eq/boldenone could be added) for 12-16 weeks is often done - Slow acting compounds can be easy to pin with 2-4 pins per week.

Of course on top of oils, theres the orals too…

So in short; test is a good first cycle because it is simple and gets you ready and more experienced ready for the stronger stuff!

HCG is used throughout a cycle no matter how long…