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First Cycle: 500mg/wk Test E Too Little?

I’m 5 weeks into my first cycle (mon and friday 250mg test e), but I haven’t seen any result or felt any different. I’m also taking 0.5mg anastrozole 24hr after test injection. I weight around 205, 6ft 2, 15-18% bf. I did pre-cycle blood work and it I had a testosterone indicator of 8.90 ng/ml (normal range is 2.40 - 8.70), I was lifetime natural. Do you guys think I should finish the cycle (its planned for 10 weeks) or its better to stop it and start PCT?

Have you done any bloodwork on cycle?

This could be why you are not noticing much. Test doesn’t feel like a recreational drug. Are you more horny? Do you have any bloat, or redness in the chest? Are you running warmer than normal? Do you significantly better the day after a workout that would normally have you pretty sore?

It is advisable to do this only if you need it for multiple reasons.

Up to you on this. If you aren’t getting anything out of it, then maybe cut it short, wait 3-4 weeks and PCT.

The only thing I felt was a little pain in my nipples around 2 week, this is why I started Anastrozole. Other than that I feel the same, still very sore after hard workout, libido seems normal(low in my case).

your test is prob bunk or very underdosed

Time for bloodwork IMO.

What was your starting weight? How many calories a day are you eating? Etc.

It’s possible that your e2 is too low, given you didn’t have any other high e2 symptoms, and some guys can run higher doses without needing the AI. It would explain a lack of benefits from the cycle.

Someone else said bloodwork, and that’s really the only way you’ll know


Thank you, I’ll stop the anastrozole for now.

Weight is the same 205, I’m eating 3000kkal, 200-250g protein right now.

What was your calorie maintenance before you started? Bunk test is incredibly rare, not eating enough is significantly less rare. But I would have guessed 3000 would have been enough at your size.

I’m maintaining at 3000. Haven’t changed the calories, I just removed the fast food and junk when I started gear. I’ll stop taking anastrozole for now to see if it will make any difference.

There’s your answer then. You’re not going to gain if you’re not eating in enough of a surplus. Eat more.

Long term this is true for body weight. I am not convinced this is true for muscle mass though. I think especially with AAS, a recomp is possible at maintenance calories. So, while body weight will be pretty constant the muscle / fat ratio can change to be more favorable.

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I’d generally agree with that. But it’s unlikely that those results would happen in the first five weeks of a basic test cycle.

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