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First Cycle, 500mg Test Enan with Dianabol Kickstart


Hey guys,
I have been a member on the forums for a while now, have been doing a lot of lurking and research.

A little bit of background; I’m 23, 5’11" and have been lifting for 5 years now.

I started at a bodyweight of 130lbs, and over 5 years have got myself to 175lb, with a few ups and downs in between, including an uncontrolled dirty bulk that took me to around 230lbs, with a massive excess of bodyfat.

My current lifts are;
Bench; 240lbs
Squat; 330lbs
Deadlift; 420lbs

My goals for this cycle are;

Bench; 285lbs
Squat; 405lbs
Deadlift; 500lbs

While these may seem like ambitious numbers, I have only just finished a 16 week cut, where I lost a decent amount of strength, so hopefully I have some muscle memory that will allow me to regain some strength naturally before I begin my cycle.

I currently train as follows; Push/Pull/Legs/Push/Pull/Legs/Rest, training compound movements first, followed by higher repetition accessory exercises.

My diet is going to be a limiting factor as I work Fly-in/Fly-out work, I have no access to my own food when I’m away, only what is supplied at the camp mess. As such I can only precisely control my diet 1 week out of every 3. I will be eating at a surplus though as the food is unlimited, and taking a bag of protein powder with me to make sure I’m getting enough in.

My planned cycle is as follows;

Test E 500mg per week
250mg Monday AM 250mg Thursday PM

Adex .25mg eod

Nolva 40/40/20/20


  1. Test 500mg M/Thurs + Adex .25mg eod + Dbol 20mg ed
  2. Test 500mg M/Thurs + Adex .25mg eod + Dbol 30mg ed
  3. Test 500mg M/Thurs + Adex .25mg eod + Dbol 40mg ed
  4. Test 500mg M/Thurs + Adex .25mg eod + Dbol 40mg ed
  5. Test 500mg M/Thurs + Adex .25mg eod
  6. Test 500mg M/Thurs + Adex .25mg eod
  7. Test 500mg M/Thurs + Adex .25mg eod
  8. Test 500mg M/Thurs + Adex .25mg eod
  9. Test 500mg M/Thurs + Adex .25mg eod
    10.Test 500mg M/Thurs + Adex .25mg eod
  10. Adex .25mg e3d
  11. Adex .25mg e3d
  12. Nolva 40mg ED + K1ngs Blood 10 Caps daily
  13. Nolva 40mg ED + K1ngs Blood 10 Caps daily
  14. Nolva 20mg ED + K1ngs Blood 10 Caps daily
  15. Nolva 20mg ED + K1ngs Blood 10 Caps daily

I have some questions;

Do my strength goals seem achievable?
What’s everyones opinion on not using Clomid during PCT?
What’s the best liver support I can use alongside D-bol?
How should I alter my training to take advantage of my increased recovery capabilities while on cycle?


Here is a photo at the end of my recent cut weighing 170lbs. Excuse the blurred face and tattoos, can’t be too careful online these days.


No, they aren’t.

Yes, they are. Easily, and without steroids, if you put in the work to both your diet and training.

I’m not totally anti-steroids, and there are plenty of guys posting on here whom I like and respect. But this entire post definitely falls into the category of “Now it’s getting hard and I think I might have maxed out my natty gains” post that pops up on here almost every day.


Thanks for the reply ActivitiesGuy,

I will do some more research and may have to re-define my goals. It’s hard to find solid information on actual poundages gained on lifts, its usually “oh I gained 10-20%.”

I admit that I’m not yet at my natural maximum, however I have put on a solid 45lbs since I started training. I will be training naturally for another 6 months before I start this cycle. At my age, with a decent base, the discipline to see it through and a reasonably well researched cycle - I’m happy to accept the outcomes.


Still a lot of room to progress, I think you should wait a few more years.


agreed with activitiesguy and blacklabel. I see absolutely no reason to use steroids. The ONLY reason I can see to start using them at your age and lifting level is if you plan to compete in a sport where you have plenty of skill to compete at a high level, but not enough size or strength. It sounds like this is essentially just for fun.

As others have mentioned, your goals are modest. No reason at all to use steroids to achieve them. I honestly don’t even think steroids will help you speed up the process much, PARTICULARLY since your diet is largely out of your own hands. That’s a bad situation, and I think you’ll be wasting your first cycle if you do it in the near future. Now, if you hit those goals you’ve mentioned naturally, I think you’ll be in a far better position to start your first cycle, assuming you also stay lean to do it. But seriously, don’t run a cycle starting at a 240 bench press. That’s just sad.



What you are saying makes sense to me, I have already stated that I wont be running this cycle for another 6 months, however I will remove that time frame and not cycle until I naturally reach those numbers.
I do have a desire to compete in powerlifting however, so it is not just a cycle for the sake of fun.

I have recently changed gyms to a powerlifting gym, so hopefully the guys there can help me out.

Now could someone answer my original questions so I do have the knowledge behind me when I decide that I am ready.

  1. yes, everyone agrees that your goals are more than achievable.
  2. nobody needs to use clomid. nolva alone is best, and dose should be cut in half from what you have listed. more is not better. you should be fine if you just did what you outlined, but my preference would be a lower dose.
  3. you don’t need liver support on such a light cycle, at all. it won’t make a difference.
  4. you barely said anything about how you train now, so how in the hell would we know how to alter it? That being said, I wouldn’t change anything. Do what works for you as a natural. I’ve never altered anything based on steroid use. Diet is where you should be manipulating things, because you’ll metabolize food better, and be able to stay/get leaner while using, without reducing calories. Eat as much as is necessary to support gains.


Bro I am only slightly bigger than you, but I am far ahead in strength. Keep training and eating. Unless you want to do this competitively.