First Cycle- 500mg Test e x Dbol

Hey, I’m a 25 year old male and I am attempting my first cycle. I am running test e and dbol with clomid for pct.

Weeks 1–5: 30mg Dbol/daily, taken in the morning and right at noon
Weeks 1-10: 250 mg x2/week Test e, Monday morning and Thursday evening

I would like some input as to how this looks for my first cycle and if I need any improvements or corrections.

I am not completely sure about my pct. I have read that I am supposed to run it 2 weeks after my last pin. At what dosage and for how long do I run a pct that consists of only clomid? I am taking milk thistle with this cycle (never hurts). Should I take any anti aromatizing (estrogen blocker) supplement while being during my cycle? If so, which one do you recommend?

I am 5’10 and weigh 172 lbs and currently my stats are as follows

1RM Bench: 295 lbs
1RM Squat: 335 lbs
1 RM Deadlift: 365 lbs

All of which I get off very cleanly and do not need a spot or lift.

I have plateaued for quite a while and would like this to be my first and only cycle so I can push through this peak. I will be maintaining a strict regime of lifting and dieting as I have always done so - lifting for 5 years regularly.

Lastly, how much should I be concerned with coming off this cycle in regards to my natural testosterone levels? Or will a proper PCT fix this problem essentially?

I am going to go easy on you, posts like this piss me off, obviously you havent done any research and just copy and pasta’d a cycle here and you want us to decipher it for you and tell you the same basic knowledge you can get off google.

  1. You only take dbol before working out since half life is 5 hours, taking it in morning and at night is useless unless you are working out twice a day.

  2. You are NOT going to pin test on the evenings when blood is least stable, the best time is right after waking up before eating

  3. You dont know what pct to run and have no idea about aromasin?? jesus christ , just to save your balls ill do you the favor…

Run any AI you wish ED until end of cycle, if you hop on dbol run double the dosage and hope your nipples dont develop some gyno. I personally would do aromasin then pct with clomid nolva… not BOTH just one pick one.

Run HCG after last pin for 2 weeks 500iu per week optional, then enter pct.

you’re fucked.


Thank you for your input. I have read contradicting statements and been told different positions on how to proceed. But taking dbol before a workout is what I hear frequently so I understand that. Also, I didn’t know about the HCG, thank you. I assumed to take an estrogen blocker, was not completely sure if it was necessary. My advice is coming from a bodybuilder at my gym so I’ve been attempting to do more research before I proceed.

i’m gonna disagree with this. i’ve always taken dbol in the morning. half life is 5 hours, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of your system in 5 hours. That’s not how half life works. But aside from that, protein synthesis and muscle growth occur throughout the day/night. it can be effectively dosed at any time of day, imo. The water retention lasts no matter when you take it.

I also pin any time of day. I can’t imagine that making any sort of difference long-term. The exception to this is tren a, as I can’t sleep if I pin it in the evening. But that’s a much shorter ester with different side effects.

Pasta’d best fucking keyboard mistake ever. I am using this from now on. Anyway I agree with @cryptonite, I would like to drill this in, I think if you really pushed food and training you would be way better off. I made a post about goals, I made pre gear use goals and made sure I beat them all before the thought of use.