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First Cycle 500mg Test E. Will It Worsen Pre-Existing Gyno?

As the title states I am looking to do my first cycle of test e at 500 mg for 10 weeks. I have adex on hand and nolva for PCT. my main concern is that I have small amount of gyno from puberty that never went away. I’ve read mixed things about taking an AI during cycle. Some say not to take it unless you need it and some say not to risk it.

Does me having pre existing gyno from puberty make me more susceptible to getting gyno from the exogenous test?

Would the AI be able to stop the gyno from getting any worse?

Is there a better chance of getting gyno when on cycle for someone that has/had gyno vs someone who has not had gyno ? You know the answer to that. Does this mean you’ll automatically get gyno again? No. Could you get gyno again from using steroids? Yes. Would having tamoxifen on hand in case that happens basically be a must? Yes.

I know folks that have reversed their existing gyno to a point that it wasn’t noticeable with 3 months of tamoxifen. I got gyno from taking Paxil at around 15-16 years old and had it removed via surgery so I feel your pain and understand the paranoia.

I have pubertal gyno, and have gotten away with 500mg Test weekly and 30mg DBol for 4 weeks, all without AI, and zero gyno issues. Always worth trying without. Listen to Dexter, have nolva on hand.

depends per person i guess.

for me, hell yes it gets worse, even with AI, even at low doses, i have to be really careful.

then theres some people who can run a gram of test per week without issues.

just make sure you have AI on hand.

Get some Tamox on hand too. It’s indicated in your case