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First Cycle, 500mg Test E/Week. Need AI Advice

21 years old. 5’9. 170 lbs. 11-12% body fat.
Before you shoot down my questions because of my age and stats, please understand that ive thought long and hard before getting on gear. But at the end of the day, I want to be at the level of guys like Jeremy Buendia. I understand the risks involved and the journey I have ahead of me but I’m starting.

Short history here to start. I started lifting in grade 8 off and I’m up until grade 12 where’s I really developed a passion and desire to compete. The summer after grade 12, I stupidly took superdrol only for a few weeks and did not have any AI or PCT to follow as I trusted the advice I was getting from an older guy who said been in the game for a while. Needless to say I got bad delayed gyno on my right side (later surgically removed) and I forbid quite fat and depressed until I recovered. I then cut down from 210 to 160 and then reverse dieted to 185, then did a propped contest prep down to 145 fully depleted before but my show.

I gave myself a month to recover from competing, while reverse dieting and got up to about 165 slowly, while increasing strength ten fold.

I then started test E, I pinned August 31st in the morning, September 3rd evening, September 7 morning and will be pinning tonight (Sep 10) … 250mg per pin twice a week (Thursday morning and Sunday evening).

Now here is where I need advice. For the first week on after injecting, i felt great, felt as though my libido was going up even more than it was on my reverse diet post show and I had no sides to speak of (obviously as it’s a long ester)… HOWEVER, a couple days ago, I’ve noticed that my hand and feet feel quite swollen, along with slight puffiness in my left nipple at certain times of day. I have arimidex on hand, and was hoping that I wouldn’t need it due to its effect on LDL/HDL and due to my fear of crashing e2. But I have a feeling That I aromatize heavily due to these side effects I’m seeing. Workouts and strength are fine, still going up weekly, in fact yesterday my lifts shit up a lot and I felt like a beast in the gym. Had my last meal post workout around 7 pm. Went to the movies with a friend and only drank one water bottle while out. Fitness home and my feet felt like they had pads underneath of them and my hands felt so weird (I describe it as swollen)… I took 0.25mg of arimidex. Almost an hour later and I was able to get and maintain an erection even after ejaculation. I woke up today with morning wood… can adex work that fast? I’m going thi s week to get bloodwork done… I assume that I should stay on 0.25 mg adex EOD and up it if my blood sugar show really high e2. I chalked I that up to paranoia of gyno due to my past, but the random drop off in sex drive and this swollen feeling around day 8-10 on test E has so me convinced that my e2 is up.

Sorry for the long post but I figure a short much detail advice possible right?