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First Cycle: 500mg Test, Arimidex, Proviron. Some Questions on Health/Bloodwork

Hello all. I’m about to start my first cycle ever. I’m 31, been training for last 15 years. I’m really satisfied with my looks and overall I feel well except for some libido and ED I’m facing for a very long time, but after many testings doctors are almost certain think its a mental issue.
So, I’v been thinking to inject 250ml of test cypionate or enanthate every 4/5 days, and take half arimidex every other day.
I wouldn’t touch any oral for my first cycle, except for 50mg of proviron.
I would be 8-10 weeks on cycle.
I will check my T and estradiol levels tomorrow, my ast, alt, sugar levels are all in range I did them recently.
Do I need to check something else, and what do you think about this beginner cycle? I’m pretty lean, with low bf, 6’2 and 230lb, I eat clean, never junk etc.

Take 250mg, not mL, and your bottle will last a lot longer :wink:

Don’t start the AI right away, you may be one of the lucky ones that doesn’t need any (or much) while on cycle

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Getting lipids checked would be worthwhile. Many only check markers of which are indicative of hormonal status/hepatic function yet leave out renal function, electrolytes and lipids.

Granted the effect 500mg test/wk has on lipids is statistically minimal comparative to the majority of synthetic derivitaves. That being said, for some proviron can hit lipids pretty hard. It’d always be good to get a baseline as in “hey, so this is what X dose of test + X dose of proviron does to my cholesterol. This is how much X dose of masteron drops my HDL etc”.

You should always get lipids checked on cycle. I get the feeling many put it off/only check a few weeks post cycle as they don’t wish to see just how bad HDL/LDL ratios are on test, tren, mast and winny. Whilst lipid abnormalities may clear up quickly after ceasing use, cumulative dosing still induces profound atherogenesis over time… It’s smart to see just how bad things get during that acute period of treatment emergent dyslipidemia.

Haematological parameters should also be monitered as polycythemia can be rather dangerous if extensive (say a HCT of 59% etc, or even 52-54%+).

Finally, moniter BP on cycle… You DON’T want to be walking around with hypertension, esp if simultaneously using AAS. It’s called “the silent killer” for good reason.

Using adex on test will cause HDL to drop a fair bit comparative to test alone. Estrogen is influential in relation to glucose/lipid metabolism. Androgens that don’t aromatise generally have a net negative impact on cholesterol that surpasses that of testosterone. That being said, a few other factors also weigh in when dictating how badly X compound will alter lipids (relative potency, c17-AA/resistance to hepatic metabolism etc). Individualistic susceptibility exists, the dose dependent relationship between amount taken/effect on lipids will differ for everybody. Some can take anavar and maintain a decent cardio-metabolic pannel. Others (most) take as little as 15mg/day and HDL is cut in half (or more). Some have shitty lipid profiles to begin with (always good to get screened prior to cycling. Heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia, metabolic abnormalities/generalised dyslipidemia aren’t exactly uncommon entities within Western societies)

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Thank you guys. @unreal24278 thanks for a very detailed answer. I did my lipids quite recently and they were ok, also I have very low resting bpm (often around 50, drops even lower during night). My blood pressure is also often low. It scared me few months ago so I went to cardio specialist and everything was good then.
Ok then, I decided to go with cypionate solo then every 4 or 5 days, I will drop proviron for now. @swoops39 says I don’t need to start AI unless I feel something, but I’d rather not risk it and take half of a pill on injection days or once a week? Rather be safe than sorry.
Also, I can get both nolvadex and arimidex which one would you suggest?

Half a pill is actually quite a lot. I think the risk is higher taking it than not (crashing e2 and it’s impacts on lipids). Nolva is a serm, and blocks estrogen in breast tissue, it doesn’t lower e2. It is preferred for gyno IMO. If you need adex, then use it, but the time to use it is when you need it. Your dose is pretty low, so chances are you don’t need an ai, especially if you are lean.

Thank you mate.
Starting today then, I won’t use adex then and will have nolva just in case If I feel something in my nipples

i agree, skip the AI until you need it. can do more harm then good.

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Guys I’d like to hear one more opinion from you. I got my first shot of 250mg cypionate yesterday and friend advised me to take next one in 10 days, then 7 days after that one another one and then to continue every 4/5 days as this is my first cycle. What do you reckon?

Tapering up isn’t a terrible idea. I think that is a bit extreme though. I would be feeling low t after 10 days on a 250 mg shot. Maybe do 250 every 5 days, then move to 4, then twice a week.

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First, figuere out how much you want to dose a week, since this is your first cycle, less is more i would run 300-400 a week, split into 2 injections, sunday and wednesdays.

So depending on youre concentrations (most is 250/ml). Lets say you are going to run 350 a week, a great started dose for a first cylce, since you can always add more on your next cycle. This would be 2 x 07ML injections.

This will keep your levels stable, Yes test E has a longer half life, but you want to avoid spikes and dips in your blood levels, since this can be one of the main factors in sides. at 2x a week, you will have nice stable levels to work with.

also at 350/week, injecting 2x a week, you should have no need for an AI unless you are prone to estrogen conversion.

and your friend is an idiot, if anything, you want to front load your first few weeks, not tapper down. this is going to put you on a hormonal roller coaster.

Front loading on a first cycle? I guess if someone is going to get gyno, why not week 1, right?

Tapering up allows one to reduce the likelihood of early onset side effects. It isn’t something I do, but isn’t a terrible idea for someone who doesn’t know how their body is going to react. It will take them longer to get to approximatly steady state levels, but that is the trade off.

Also, I don’t buy into the whole it takes 6 weeks or whatever to feel the test. I can feel it after 1, and feel good. When cycling, you are building up levels the ENTIRE cycle, it slows down significantly after a few weeks as it is an asymptotic function. I don’t feel bad even though my levels are increasing every week (if you take the same dose that is). The first few weeks almost feels the best to me, and those are the weeks when levels shift the most. I guess I don’t buy your assumption that steady levels always results in the best feeling. I think in TRT that it is almost always true, but not always, and those levels are much lower, so it is apples to oranges.

Test e takes 3-4 weeks to kick in, lots of people from load testP or just increase these dose the first week to get the effect going right away, this would be to “kick start” there cycle and maximize the time, other option would be Oral kicker at the start… We arent talking about front loading sustanon that will hit you right away, using test E to front load should have no gyno issues.

just check out the following threads, Lots of people front load, some swear by it.

IMO, keep your levels steady as possible, im on TRT, when whether im blasting or cruising my regular dose, in the last 2 years, ive always gotten the most sides when im fucking with my dosage. (happend on my first few blast, i tapered up then down, been much more stable with a straight blast to 400-500 then back down to my TRT at 200, anytime ive tapered ether direction, ive run into issues.)

Many people are multiple times past their natural TT at the end of week 2. They are starting to get effects at this point. Close to steady state takes longer based on the half life of the drug you are using, and math.

I don’t taper up. I did taper down from my last blast to my TRT dose. I didn’t personally experience sides tapering down.

As far as a front load, I don’t really think it is necessary for me, since I am on TRT. I am not in a rush on my cycle, I don’t need to worry about shut down. I would rather run an extra two weeks, than front load. I would also use an oral for a kick start over front loading.

There are lots of ways of doing things. Some better than others. I personally don’t think tapering up or down is bad if it is done correctly, and the person is on TRT. I don’t think it makes as much sense with a PCT guy, as time on is a concern. In this case, the guy has a couple threads going, and is having issues. Hence me being more neutral on the taper up. Normally, I would advocate a straight across dosing scheme.

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